Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Horseback riding in the country.

When I was younger, you couldn't get me to spend more than a day in the rural areas of the Midwest. Although we have family from rural Minnesota, I'm a city/suburb girl, born and raised. These days, I dream of owning and fixing up an old country house on a farm in Minnesota, raising chickens and harvesting food for our family. I know... who am I, right?! Not sure we're going to find this in Singapore;)

Babe, Niki and Linna.

Feeding the horses. This is one thing Linna would NOT do.
This past weekend, Linna and I spent the weekend at my in-law's house in Mankato, MN. While we were there, the wife (Niki) of one of Papa Saigh's best friends (Al) called me to see if our 3-year-old would be interested in seeing some horses at a farm just outside of town. Heck yes she would! So we all piled into the car on a Sunday afternoon to drive out to the farm. It was a very windy and chilly day, which made the experience that much more "authentic". Linna did ride a pony once before, as well as a ride on a smaller horse that was led by a walking trainer, but she's never actually taken a ride on a horse like she did at this farm last weekend with Niki.

Huge tractor.

Chickens and roosters with fancy feet.
Niki showed Linna how to brush and dress a horse, and helped Linna warm up to "Babe" while she was still a little apprehensive. When Linna watched Niki climb onto the horse, we asked her if she wanted to go for a ride. We were shocked when she said yes, as she'd been a little scared of the horses when we first arrived. Showing absolutely no fear, our 3-year-old climbed onto the horse for an impromptu ride in the country with Niki. Linna couldn't go fast enough, and she didn't want to stop. My anxiety level was on the rise during the whole experience because I know how unpredictable horses can be, and Linna wasn't wearing a helmet. Plus, Babe only has one eye (yes, I'm a judger). I tried my best to relax and just let my little girl have fun, and she loved every second! Looks like we have a budding equestrian on our hands. Thank you Niki for showing Linna how "real" kids live in rural Minnesota.

Love this photo! It looks like it's out of Horse & Hound magazine. Haha!

Ain't no shame in Mama Saigh's ugly frightened-face:) Feeding horses is so weird!

Papa Saigh's Mama (MeMaw), Linna, and Papa Saigh's best friend Al watching the horses.

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