Monday, November 17, 2014

3-year pediatrician check-up.

Photo left: 2-week-old Linna. Photo right: 3-year-old Linna. Both photos taken in the same pediatrician's office!
Three months late, but at least we got her in before she turned 4. Today, Linna had her 3-year pediatrician check-up in Minnesota. Even though we moved to Singapore, we kept the same pediatrician that she's had since day one, simply because we love Dr. Freehill. Linna got her flu vaccine (nasal) today, but wasn't due for any other vaccines (yay, no shots!). She's coasting right along the middle percentile range for weight, height, and BMI, and she got to have her blood pressure, vision, and hearing checked today too. This was Linna's first hearing-test since she was a newborn in the hospital, and to be honest... I'm not exactly sure how it went. The nurse told Linna to say "beep" when she heard a "beep" sound in her headphones, but I think Linna was too shy to tell the nurse when she heard the beep. I'm hoping it's not because she can't actually hear. I'm not too worried, but still following up in the morning.

The most shocking thing Linna's pediatrician told me today is that Linna has a heart murmur. WHAT?! A heart murmur?! This news was followed up with, "It's not something you need to worry about.".

Duuuuurrrrrr... Come again?!

Photo left: Linna just one day old, getting her hearing checked. Photo right: Linna at 3 years old having a hearing test.

Linna's pediatrician explained to me that she heard an extra sound in Linna's regular heartbeat pattern. She referred to it as an "innocent murmur", and apparently it's pretty common in young kids, and they usually just grow out of them. She told me that she was not the least bit concerned, and she was only telling me about it in case we are overseas and another doctor tells us that Linna has a heart murmur. The pediatrician wanted me to simply be aware and not shocked (like I was today), which I completely respect. But you can bet your bottom dollar that I Googled the sh*t out of "3-year-olds and heart murmur" when we got home from the doctor this afternoon. I often say that I have my M.D. from the accredited World Wide Web "Institution" (which most moms have, right?!), and my research tells me that 90-percent of kids age 4 to 7 with a "normal" heart, actually have an innocent murmur. She should outgrow it, and there are no extra precautions we need to take, no restrictions on her physical activities, and it's actually best to expose her to and encourage regular exercise to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Funny how a super scary word can freak a mom out, and end up being absolutely nothing to worry about. But, we still worry. Oh the joys of motherhood...

Linna's 3-year-old stats:

Weight - 33 lbs. (63%)
Height - 38 in. (58%)
BMI - 16 (64%)
Blood pressure - 80/42

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