Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Linna’s first haircut.

After months and months of throwing the idea around, we finally decided that it’s time to cut the 3-year-old’s baby mullet. She’s never had a haircut. We’ve been growing her hair out for three years, in hopes of it all just growing into one long mane of beautiful golden-brown locks. That never happened. Linna’s Auntie Lisa (Papa Saigh’s sister) has been hounding us for at least a year to get Linna’s hair cut, so we thought she’d like to come along for the adventure while we were all in Minnesota. Thanks to Danielle at Raydiance Salon in Mankato, MN for being patient with all of us during this big change. We LOVE Linna’s new look!

Before haircut: The long stringy mullet. 
Bye bye baby mullet.

Linna’s baby hair.
She sat so nicely.

Almost there.
SO cute. She’s such a little lady now!

Where did our baby go?!

Lollipop after haircut.
Playing at the park with Auntie Lisa in her new do!


  1. Thanks! Got it at Kohls for like $7 using Kohls cash and sales:)

  2. She looks very grown up. Not sure if that's a good thing for you or not.

  3. I love it. She is so cute with short hair