Sunday, November 2, 2014

My brother's zombie wedding.

Our daughter Linna as a zombie flower girl.
On Halloween night, my baby brother married a spectacular lady, in a FULL ON zombie wedding in Minneapolis, MN. Our 3-year-old was a zombie flower girl, Papa Saigh was a zombie groomsman, Mama Saigh was a zombie bridesmaid, and all the guests were dressed in Halloween costumes. My mom and dad walked down the aisle as Glinda the Good Witch, and the Mayor of Munchkinland from the Wizard of Oz. It definitely wasn't your typical or traditional wedding, but that made it completely memorable. Other than our wedding, this was THE BEST wedding we have ever been too!

Local media including KARE 11, KSTP, and the Star Tribune covered the wedding, with KARE 11 even going LIVE during the ceremony. My brother Scotty and his wife Holly even made the front page of the Star Tribune's Metro Section!

Photo of Scotty and Holly on the front page of the Star Tribune - Courtesy David Joles, Star Tribune.
Linna unfortunately came down with a slight fever the day of the wedding, so she spent most of the day resting at the hotel with my in-laws. However, she made it down the aisle with a small smile on her face, and held it together during the ceremony. We were so proud of her, and she was the cutest zombie flower girl I've ever seen! Her handmade flower-girl dress by Had&Harps went together perfectly with her handmade shoes by Bitsy Blossom, and black custom fascinator by The Damask Baby. The bride Holly got Linna a cute animal print shawl to wear for pictures too. Linna received so many compliments on her outfit at the wedding, and we were extremely happy with the quality of these items we found on Etsy!

Here are some photos and video from the ceremony and reception...

Parents of the groom, Jane and Dale Specken - Photo courtesy David Joles, Star Tribune.
Super cool pumpkin carving of the bride and groom - Photo courtesy David Joles, Star Tribune.
Bride and groom, Scotty and Holly Specken - Photo courtesy David Joles, Star Tribune.
My dad as the "Mayor of Munchkinland", with his brother "The Pope".
Mama Saigh with sister Paige, mom, and brother Scotty getting ready for the big wedding.
The zombie groomsmen - Papa Saigh, Nate, Scotty, Tommy, and Heath.
Our little zombie flower girl in her fascinator by The Damask Baby.
Linna's shoes by Bitsy Blossom.
My brother Scotty (the groom), Stay Puff Marshmallow Man, and my Aunt Jen as Superwoman.
Mama Saigh and Cousin Carly.

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