Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Baby saigh #2 pregnancy: Weeks 22 & 23

22 Weeks Pregnant

22 weeks pregnant in a top and leggings from Stitch Fix.

Holy moly does this baby like to move and shake it! I've been feeling so many punches and kicks on the inside and outside, and they are pretty strong. It's not even sugar or caffeine that sets this baby off anymore. He or she just likes to kick all day, every day. It's gotten so regular that I get nervous when I don't feel anything for a few hours. I can see these little punches and jabs on the outside too. My appetite is still abnormally large, and I'm sure my weight gain is growing. When I get hungry... LOOK OUT! I'm loving ALL types of food, especially my Minnesota comfort staples (Chipotle, hotdish, everything bagels with scallion cream cheese, etc.). I haven't given up coffee either. I have about two cups every day. And judge if you will, but I'm also enjoying an occasional glass of wine here and there. It's incredible how different I'm treating this pregnancy from my first. When I was pregnant with Linna, I didn't touch wine, raw fish, and was so cautious with pretty much everything. I joke about Baby Saigh #2 having "no chance", because I eat sushi, enjoy an occasional glass of vino, and often even forget that I'm pregnant. I even sprayed my entire body with DEET bug repellent at the cabin, and only AFTER the fact did I remember that I was pregnant. Oops! Hopefully this baby won't have a leg growing out of it's head, or an extra set of toes:)

23 Weeks Pregnant

It's a miracle! Papa Saigh and I may have agreed on a boy and a girl name for Baby Saigh #2! For the last month, Papa Saigh has been working in Singapore while the 3-year-old and I enjoy summer vacation in Minnesota. So, I've been texting baby name ideas to Papa Saigh... A majority of which have been FIRMLY rejected. Papa Saigh isn't shy about telling me his opinion on my name suggestions, but two names that I love, he actually likes too! I've gone through all sides of our family trees, and I think we've decided on the baby's name. We still don't know whether Baby Saigh #2 is a boy or a girl, but we have names for both. We've been pretty "set" on our boy name, but our girl name has been much more of a challenge. I've found a few names that I like, but I've been waiting for that "THAT'S IT" name. When I was like 20 weeks pregnant with Linna, we had just found out that she was a girl, and Papa Saigh's Grandma Pollard told us that her mom's name was "Linna". I remember turning to Papa Saigh saying, "Oh my gosh, do you love that name?!". He did, and from that moment on, our baby girl's name was Linna Jane (my mom's name is Jane, and my middle name is Jane). I love both of our baby names for Baby Saigh #2 so much that I now want to have a boy AND a girl. Guess we'll just have to have a third child!

Looking forward to drinking this in 4 weeks (insert sarcasm). I despise the glucose test drink!

In other news, my "nether-regions" hurt like a mo-fo! My lady bits seriously feel bruised. What gives?! I'm also super emotional. We picked Papa Saigh up at the airport on Saturday, as he flew in from Singapore, and I cried at everything (the sight of the airport, seeing families hugging, watching Linna excitedly wait for her Papa to walk off the plane, etc.). EVERYTHING makes me cry these days! Yesterday, Papa Saigh got to feel the baby kick for the first time on the outside of my belly. That was super special. I had a check-up with my doctor this week where I got to hear the baby's heartbeat (love that sound). His or her heart-rate is 147, and my doctor says the baby is laying sideways currently. I'll have an ultrasound in four more weeks, along with the glucose screening, as well as some type of vaccination (I can't remember what my doctor said it was for). My belly is measuring right on track, even though I feel like I'm gigantic. We were at a National Night Out party this week, and I met a woman who was 26 weeks pregnant with her first baby. While she was barely showing, I look like I'm 8 months pregnant at just 23 weeks! Overall, I'm feeling ok, but I don't seem to have the energy women normally have in their second trimester. I get tired very easily, which is tough when you have an active almost 4-year-old. At 23 weeks, Baby Saigh #2 is over a pound and the size of a large mango! Oh, and if you ask Linna what we're having, she says "a boy-girl". Interesting.

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