Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Baby saigh #2 pregnancy: Weeks 24 & 25.

24 Weeks Pregnant

24 weeks pregnant in a navy and white stripped maternity top from Target ($13)!

I keep forgetting how many weeks pregnant I am. The baby has been moving around a LOT, and this week Papa Saigh's mom got to feel the baby kick. Linna has been asking to feel the baby kick, but she doesn't quite understand that she needs to be patient, and that the baby sleeps a lot too. One day, she randomly whispered to me, "Mama, I think it's a girl". I'm still convinced it's a boy. I've also been super uncomfortable lately. I feel like I'm in my third trimester, rather than my second. If I sit in the car for too long, I have to lay my body out straight in order to try and get comfortable again. My back hurts, my acid reflux is out of control, and I just feel swollen. I'm taking Ranitidine (150mg) twice a day, and I'm still having issues at night (like vomiting in my mouth when I sleep issues - so gross and scary). I don't remember feeling THIS uncomfortable this early when I was pregnant with Linna, but this pregnancy is seriously wiping me out. The baby is not only kicking and punching, but I think he or she has completely flipped. At my last doctor appointment, my doctor told me that the baby was laying sideways, but I now think that he or she is head down because I swear I felt him/her flip. I am loving all the movement, but it makes me feel like I'm floating on some rough waters lately.

25 Weeks Pregnant

25 weeks and 6 days pregnant on a chilly and rainy day in Minnesota. Loving my new comfy black maternity pants from Stitch Fix, and my necklace and sweater-wrap from the Fly Boutique. Getting big-er!

A couple weeks ago, we had decided on a boy and a girl name for this baby. Well, this might have changed. When you're pregnant, it might be the worst idea EVER to tell people your baby-name ideas/choices. Everyone AND their brother's uncle has an opinion about every name, and most of the time they're not positive opinions. We decided to tell a few close family members and friends our baby name choices, and with every name, at least one person had a negative association with our name choices. "I used to babysit for a ______ and he was a little shit", or "Don't name her _______ because her nickname will be 'Fat _______'". Woof.

But hey... we DID ask for opinions. Now, we're back to the drawing board to find some great baby names. Do you have any good ones?!

This month, I've also found myself extremely emotional, tired, sore, and uncomfortable. I cry about the oddest things. Sleeping has become rough, as I'm either trying to get comfortable or getting up to pee a million times per night. The baby moves a LOT, which I love, but sometimes I become a little nauseous with all the flips and punches.

We also found out that Papa Saigh is being transferred back to Minnesota from Singapore for work. While this is incredibly exciting news for our entire family, and a huge relief that I didn't have to fly 20 hours again back to Singapore while 25 weeks pregnant, the news comes with a lot of big decisions. On Wednesday, Papa Saigh got on a plane to fly back to Singapore, which leaves me with the 4-year-old, living at my parents' house, searching for a new house and a preschool for Linna, etc. We knew this would be the case if he was transferred, and it's basically the life we signed up for when we decided to move half-way around the world three years ago. We put an offer in on a house in Minnetonka this week (a house that I absolutely love), and the seller decided to counter with another offer. This basically means there's only a super slight chance of us getting the house, so we're back to house hunting again... without Papa Saigh. We have so much going on right now, and would appreciate all the positive vibes we can get! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger... so they say;)

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