Friday, August 14, 2015

The singapore saighs are moving back to minnesota.

The Saigh family has some news! During this recent visit back home to Minnesota for the summer, Papa Saigh found out that he'll be transferring back to the US for work earlier than initially planned. This means that Linna and I won't be flying back to Singapore on August 19th, and instead will be staying in Minnesota permanently. While I am incredibly relieved to not have to get back on a plane and fly 20 hours with a 4-year-old while I'm 25 weeks pregnant, and so excited to be staying in Minnesota where much of our family and friends live, I'm sad to not have a proper goodbye with my Singapore family. This news has come pretty suddenly, and details are still being worked out, but the Saighs are officially moving back to Minnesota!

Minnesota has always been our home, but our 4-year-old has spent a majority of her life in Singapore. So, this news is bittersweet and we're now having to explain to Linna that we won't be returning to Singapore. I know that kids are very resilient, and we'll make this transition extremely positive for Linna, but we're currently making a lot of big changes and decisions. We have to get Linna registered for a new preschool, find a new house, etc... All while preparing for the arrival of Baby Saigh #2. Nothing like cramming some major life decisions into a few short weeks, huh?!

Some people will be hearing this news for the first time, while others have known that this was a possibility for a little while now. We'll have a lot more to tell you all in the coming weeks, but we just wanted to share this news as we start our move back home to Minnesota. Our family has been incredibly lucky to have had the experiences that we've had during our three years in Singapore. We've made lifelong friends from around the world, traveled to countries that we never imagined possible, and have experienced a life that most will only dream about. Our daughter has also experienced three years that I hope she'll always remember. We are SO incredibly lucky.

But the time has come for us to move back home. The life of an expat family can be filled with unexpected moves, job changes, and difficult decisions. It hasn't been easy living 10,000+ miles away from our loved ones, so we are excited to get back to our "simple" Minnesota life.

Stay tuned for more to come...

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