Saturday, February 6, 2016

Kindermusik with friends' "imagine that" class.

Linna getting to test out the accordion.
I am so sad that Linna's first session of the Imagine That class at Kindermusik with Friends has come to an end. Every Tuesday morning, our 4-year-old looked forward to her 55 minute class with Miss Kim. Linna has been doing Kindermusik classes since she was a baby, and we even found a Kindermusik in Singapore. But, the Imagine That class was our first "drop off" class.

Some days, I would actually drop Linna off and go run a few errands while she was in class. But most days, I would sit and enjoy the company of the other moms while we watched our children play musical instruments, pretend they were dinosaurs, or have an imaginary picnic in the park. Miss Kim is so incredibly wonderful with these 3 1/2 to 5-year-olds, and can keep their attention for the almost hour-long class. She is so engaging and had the kids' imaginations running wild!

Linna loved bringing the Kindermusik backpack filled with activity books and musical instruments that we received when we signed up for the class. We also received two CDs that Linna loves listening to at home in her bedroom. The class runs 16 weeks, and at $255 a session, it works out to be about $15 per class. That's a pretty fantastic deal when you consider that it's almost an hour-long, engaging class that you can drop your child off at. Plus, they get to take home literature and activity books, CDs, play-sets, instruments, etc.

The Imagine That class taught our 4-year-old how to use her imagination, with music as a thread, to compare, explore, and express herself. She also learned problem-solving skills, and we've definetly noticed how creative her imagination has become. I can't wait to get Baby Jimmy into his first Kindermusik with Friends class, and Linna into another Imagine That session. We made some great friends in this class that we're looking forward to getting together with for playdates!

Playing in the leaves this fall in their Halloween costumes.

Kindermusik with Friends has classes going on right now, for newborns up to age 7. Your first class is always free, and if you join in the middle of a session, your fees are prorated.

560 Market Street 
Chanhassen, MN

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