Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Music classes at kindermusik in singapore.

Linna is sharing her drum with her friend Felix.

Each Friday, Linna and I attend music classes at Kindermusik at the Rochester Mall in Singapore. Linna loves dancing to any type of music, anytime, anywhere. She literally stares at her teacher Shauna at Kindermusik whenever Shauna is singing or dancing. Shauna sings almost everything she says, so Linna is completely drawn to her. The class is full of little one-year-olds toddling around, and it's a great place for Linna to socialize with kids her own age and size, while dancing to different kinds of music.

(Amazing drum skills my 14-month-old has, eh?!)

I think Linna's favorite part of class is when Shauna bring the drums out. All of the children tap their drumsticks on each other's drums, while they learn how to keep a beat. Linna also loves the "name song", as each child gets to hear their own name in this song. It's so cute to see their little faces light up when the group is singing their name.

Linna literally stares and is GLUED to Miss Shauna.

This class teaches the children how to share, put toys away, and how to take turns, all while they're learning different music rhythms and body movement. We have Kindermusik back at home in Minnesota, and although I've never been to one o those classes, I'm looking forward to seeing what the classes at home are like. Music is such an important part of early childhood development, and Kindermusik offers classes for newborns, up to age seven. They have class times almost every day of the week, and in a couple other locations in Singapore. I find myself constantly singing the songs we sing at Kindermusik to Linna at home. This is a class we both look forward to going to every week!

Teacher Shauna showing the children musical instruments.


  1. Hi Mama Saigh, how much did the lessons cost and what age would you recommend children start attending these lessons?

  2. If I remember correctly, it works out to about $20/class if you sign up for a term/package. Check their website and Facebook pages for deals and promotions too. We started going when Linna was about 6 months, and at 2.5 years old, she LOVES to sing and dance. I'd say 6-9 months old is a good starting age:)

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