Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kindermusik with kim.

Wearing her tambourine as a hat.
One of Linna's favorite activities when we were living in Singapore, was our weekly class at Kindermusik. When we returned to Minnesota, I knew I had to find a class just like that for our busy toddler. Luckily for us, there is actually a Kindermusik right here in the Twin Cities!

We have been attending a weekly music class in Chanhassen at Kindermusik with Kim, and it is one of our favorite hours out of the entire week. Linna absolutely loves music and dancing, so watching her thrive in her Kindermusik class is so much fun! We're in a class with about ten other babies and toddlers, and every week all the parents watch our kiddos develop their verbal, listening, problem solving, and social skills, while building their love for music. For one hour every week, Linna and her classmates get to explore the beautiful world of music, and Linna is literally glued to her teacher (Miss Kim)!

We start every class with playtime, and Linna of course loves all of the new toys that we don't have at home. The parents hang out with their kids, but get to chat with one another as well. After the kids help clean up the toys (Linna is finally learning to help with this one), Miss Kim starts the class with a "hello song". From the moment Miss Kim opens her mouth and starts singing, Linna is hooked. She literally stares at Miss Kim and dances to her beautiful voice. We love the "hello song" because each child gets to hear their name in a song, and they get to choose how we say hello to them ("wave hello", "jump hello", "rock hello", etc.). The kids love this!

During the rest of our class, we all learn about new musical instruments, sing and dance using colorful scarves, play games, and kids are learning while having a good time. Some of the children just like to observe, and some are right in the middle of the mix. Every child is different. Linna is always a bit reserved when we're in a new environment, but she now runs to the door to get her coat every time I say "it's time to go to music class"! 

Playing with all the fun toys and her new friends.

This is how Miss Kim says "goodbye" to the kiddos at the end of class. Linna loves it!
Musical instrument fun.

At our first class, we received a bag of materials including a book, musical instrument (an egg shaker), and a CD of the music we sing in class. It has become part of our daily routine to pop in the CD, and dance and sing to the music. Sometimes I just play the CD while Linna is playing with her toys, and she keeps herself content and entertained for a good amount of time. It's kind of like bringing this Kindermusik class into our home!

I really can't say enough good things about Kindermusik with Kim. Our teacher Kim Shiely is a mom herself, and the owner/founder of Kindermusik with Kim. She and her staff do birthday parties, music lessons, and classes for children age 0-7. They offer piano lessons too! The best part is that you can give the class a try for FREE! Kindermusik is definitely a place I can see Linna growing up in, and I hope we can meet some of you in one of the classes.

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WHEN: Friday, February 8th, 2013
TIME: 11:30 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
WHERE: Kindermusik with Kim studio in Chanhassen
FOR: Children (and a parent) age 18 months to 3.5 years

Thanks to everyone who came out to play! We hope to host another class very soon.

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