Friday, September 16, 2016

KidsEmbrace batman activity walker.

When Jimmy started crawling and embracing his new love of being on his feet (no, he's not walking yet), I knew it was time to get our baby walker out of storage. However, it turned out that we got rid of Linna's old walker when we moved to Singapore.


So, I started my search for a new baby walker: A walker that would grow with Jimmy, keep him busy/entertained, and wouldn't scratch our new floors or dent up our walls.

After careful searching and reading reviews, we decided to go with the KidsEmbrace Batman Activity Walker. Come on... Batman?! I was sold. At $99, this walker was more expensive than other walkers I looked at, but we also just invested thousands of dollars on new flooring in our home. The last thing I wanted to risk was scratching up our new floors. Plus, Walmart was selling this walker for under $80 (price was current as of the date this blog was posted).

The walker arrived pretty quickly and did require assembly. The directions were clear enough for me to understand, and I had the walker put together in about 20 minutes. I love that the seat is removable and machine washable. That comes in handy when you have an explosive pooper like we do. Jimmy cruises all over our main floor of the house, and this walker keeps him busy while I am making dinner. He loves the vibrating activity area, and chasing his big sister around the house in his Batmobile.

I am very happy with this little Batmobile, and I found out that KidsEmbrace makes a Batgirl activity walker too. I guess we'll just have to have another baby, and make sure it's a girl;) Plus they are coming out with new walkers for 2017. Oh, and make sure you check out the KidsEmbrace website, because they have a new line of car seats and booster seats. If your kids love Paw Patrol, Batman, Cinderella, Dora, Spiderman, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, SpongeBob, or the Ninja Turtles, they will go crazy for these car seats. I know our 5-year-old has eyes on the Paw Patrol Marshall Booster. Through September 24th (2016), the Paw Patrol and Minnie Mouse car seats are 20% OFF on Amazon for "September Baby Month"!

(Linna and Jimmy playing around with the Batman Activity Walker)

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