Monday, September 26, 2016

Baby Jimmy: 10-month update.

He answers to "Bob", "Jimmo", "Jim Bob", "Jimmy", and "Jameson". How and why our baby boy has so many nick-names... I have no idea.

Jimmy, 10 months old.

Baby Jimmy is now 10 months old, and is quite the opposite of his big sister. He is rough, has absolutely no fear of heights, and is such a spaz. He started crawling last month, and for the last couple weeks he's been trying to stand up on his own. He gets up on his hands and feet, then gets into a sumo squat, and can balance in that squat, hands-free. When he tries to stand up, he just falls back on his butt. Jimmy's big sister Linna didn't even start crawling until she was almost 10 months old, and didn't take her first steps until she was almost 16 months old. I have a feeling that Jimmy will be walking before he turns one.

Siblings: Linna and Jimmy.

Air show and pancake breakfast in Mankato.

Jimmy absolutely loves his big sister, but the "novelty" of having a baby brother has worn off a bit for Linna. Linna recently started carrying Jimmy around the house, which made my stomach turn when she first did it, but she is so cautious of Jimmy when he's near a staircase or something that could hurt him. No matter what Linna does, Jimmy finds it hilarious.

Jimmy is not a fan, however, of loud noises. From the sounds of vacuums, to dogs barking, Jimmy's eyes become the size of saucers and he starts shaking from fear. If Jimmy is home when I need to vacuum, I have to hold him while trying to clean. If our neighbor's dog barks, he can't crawl to me fast enough for a cuddle. We're trying to break his fear by making loud noises in the house often, and making it a positive experience. I think he might have super sensitive hearing, because the kid can hear everything. He does, however, love when his Papa says "Jim Bob Tor-TON!" in a loud baseball announcer voice. I don't remember when of how it started, but Papa Saigh loves calling Jimmy "Jim-Bob Torton".

(Jimmy vs. a popcorn bag. Such a spaz.)

(Jimmy says "ball".)

When it comes to food, Jimmy is eating just about everything. Although some days he's pickier than others, he loves raspberries, hotdogs, frozen peas, smoothies (avocado, whole plain yogurt, banana, and orange juice), and Lara Bars. He is also a very good sleeper, which is something he has in common with his sister. Both of our kids are in bed by 6/6:30 p.m. every night, and they sleep until 6:30 a.m. Jimmy takes a morning and afternoon nap every day, and each average about 1.5 to 2 hours. He makes it very obvious when he's tired, because it's just about the only time he cries (although he does whine alot). He has an 8 oz. bottle before his morning nap, an 8 oz. bottle before his afternoon nap, and an 8 oz. bottle before bed. He's drinking formula, as well as whole milk (pediatrician approved), and he's a pro at slamming water, milk, and juice out of a sippy cup. Jimmy goes to sleep very easily with his pacifier ("wah") and blanket ("snugs"), right after he has his bottle. I'm am so thankful for my two great sleepers.

Family walks to our neighborhood park.

Yes, he did this. I went up to check on Jimmy because he was sleeping in an awkward position, and when I walked
into his room, he was covered in poop. He had even EATEN some. So many things were thrown into the garbage
that day. I still can't believe this happened!

Jimmy at his 9-month check-up. He was 19 lbs. 6 oz., and 29 inches long.

Since Linna is at school all day now, Jimmy and I get to spend a lot of one-on-one time together. He is into absolutely anything he can get his hands on, but he's also starting to understand the word "no". He's learning about the things he is not supposed to touch, and when he even gets close to those things, he looks at me as if he's waiting for me to tell him "no". He's a smart little cookie. His favorite word is "ball", and loves playing with anything that has wheels. His favorite toys right now are his musical zebra ("Zara"), trains, trucks, and tractors. Jimmy also loves the bath, and is in the tub every night because he's an incredibly messy eater. He has no fear of water, loves splashing, and is even trying to stand up in the tub. Linna gets in the tub after Jimmy, and Jimmy loves to sit in the bathroom so he can laugh at his big sister being silly in the tub. Linna won't take a bath with her baby brother though, unless I rinse all the food off of him first, and make sure there isn't any floating food in the tub.

His third haircut at 8 months old.

(Jimmy trying to stand at 10 months old.)

Our little man is growing up way too fast, and it makes my head spin when I think that he will be a year old in about a month and a half. With every haircut (he's had 4 in 10 months), he looks more and more like a little boy, and less like a baby. I have a feeling this little guy is going to keep me on my toes the older he gets!

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  1. Babies are always good , they are cutie, and smart too, now days babies are much more smarter than any others...I hope "jim" is good too, he is learning very fast in the short time.I just read your blogs a two days, i love #babies#cute etc.Hope to read more about your blogs soon.