Friday, October 7, 2016

DIY with mama saigh: Cheesecloth ghosts.

Our 5-year-old loves doing craft projects. So, I put her to work, helping me create some adorable cheesecloth ghosts to add some simple Halloween flair to the inside of our home. While this project does get messy, it's pretty simple and inexpensive. Make sure you have an open area, and a sink nearby to rinse away the mess. Here's what you'll need...

- Cheesecloth
- Fabric Stiffener
- Water
- Water bottle and a ball (or something similar to create the ghost form)
- Wax paper
- Black felt (or something for the eyes)
- Tape

Place balls on top of water bottles, and secure with tape. I put water in some of the empty water bottles, to prevent the forms from tipping over. Place the water bottle forms on top of wax paper. Next, if your fabric stiffener is thick, mix equal parts fabric stiffener and water in a bowl. Then, cut the cheese cloth into square pieces that are large enough to drape over your forms. Saturate your cheesecloth pieces (one by one) in the fabric stiffener mixture, and squeeze out excess liquid. Then, drape your pieces of cheesecloth over the water bottle forms. If you want a very transparent-looking ghost, you only need one or two piece of cheesecloth per ghost form. Use more layers of cheesecloth for a more "solid-looking" ghost.

Let the ghosts dry until hard, then carefully remove them from the forms. Cut and paste eyes onto the ghosts, and ta-da!
Aren't they adorable?! 

I love how these little ghosts add a simple, spooky vibe to our mantle above the fireplace.
Happy Halloween!

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