Thursday, January 19, 2012

5 months.

Well, I'm about a week late writing this, but Linna Jane turned five months old on the 8th of January! She is changing so much. From her hair, to the way she communicates, she's turning into a pretty smart little lady:)

We started Linna on solids at five months, after we had a couple rough nights. I thought she was just hungry and that by feeding her solids it would help. But I have to admit, I don't think solids was the answer. Don't get me wrong, Linna is a GREAT sleeper and we are very lucky. But even after starting her on solids, we still have the occasional rough night. By rough night, I mean it takes her longer to fall asleep at bedtime, or she'll wake up in the middle of the night. For the most part, she sleeps from about 7 or 8 p.m. to about 8 a.m. So far she's eaten brown rice cereal, avocado, carrots, sweet potatoes, and green beans. She has yet to figure out how to keep it in her mouth. I really don't think she's a fan, but there's nothing wrong with practicing the art of eating;) One of these days she'll figure it out. She just really loves her milk! Looking back, I kind of wish I would have waited to start her on solids until six months. She clearly didn't NEED them, but again, there's nothing wrong with practicing.

Linna blows bubbles, babbles to herself, smiles at just about everyone, and loves when we sing her songs! She hasn't figured out how to completely roll from her back to her tummy yet, but she does go from tummy to back. We've noticed that Linna's hair is growing too! She had so much hair when she was born, then started balding on the top, and now she's sprouting long "wispies"... just like me when I was a baby:) She's grabbing and holding everything, and of course EVERYTHING goes in her mouth.

We've also gotten Linna on a pretty good daily schedule. She used to just cat-nap whenever she wanted too, but now her schedule is pretty much like this...

Wake up around 8am, has a bottle, plays for an hour or so, goes down for a morning nap around 10am, sleeps anywhere from 30 mins - 2 hours, gets up and has some lunch (cereal and a veggie), has a bottle soon after, takes another nap around 1pm or so, sleeps anywhere from 30 mins - 2 hours, gets up and plays for a couple hours, then down for another nap around 4pm, sleeps for about an hour, has dinner (cereal and a veggie), plays with Daddy when he gets home from work, bath (every other night), then she has a bottle around 7pm and she's off to lala land. Our little love bug likes her sleep! I'm still breast feeding (pumping and feeding her bottles), and she'll eat anywhere from 5 - 8 oz. per feeding. At nap time, I lay her in her crib on her back, and she excitedly waits for me to give her the blanket so she can put it on her face, then pull it off! I watch her do this on her video monitor, and then she just passes out. SO cute!

This photo is both Grandma Specken and Grandma Saigh's favorite! They
both have it saved as their desktop photo at work.
Linna doesn't have any teeth yet, but she is a non-stop drooler! I think we go through 10 bibs a day. She also got her first cold:( For about a week now, she's been a snooty little thing, but it doesn't seem to bother her one bit. There's times when she's playing in her exersaucer, and I'll find her blowing snot bubbles out of her nose. Yuck! She can "kind of" sit up on her own, but after a few seconds she'll tip over. She has such a strong core though:)

She gets SO excited when you read her books, and of course she wants to hold the book and put it in her mouth! Linna really is such an easy-going baby. We're very lucky! Since Linna was born, a majority of people would tell us how much she looks like me. Well now, almost EVERYONE says how much she looks like AJ. I have to agree:)

Sitting by herself... for 5 whole seconds!
I can't believe that in a few weeks, our little lady is going to be half a year old! We've started thinking about getting the house ready for a mobile baby. Our house isn't very baby friendly, and I realize this every time we have a playdate with her "older" friends. I think we'll just learn as we go! If I could, I would keep her this age forever. It's so hard to think back at how tiny she was when she was a newborn. I miss those days, but I'm LOVING this age! I'm very happy that a few of my girlfriends are expecting, so I can snuggle their babes:)

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