Sunday, January 1, 2012

Growing up way too fast.

4 months. Animal prints.
Happy 2012 from The Saigh Family!

With the coming of a new year, I'm realizing how fast my little baby is growing up! In just 7 days, I will have a five-month-old. That is unbelievable! I remember when I was pregnant thinking, "time won't fly by like people tell me it will"... and now we're creeping closer and closer to Baby Linna's first birthday. Unreal!

Last week, Linna started blowing spit bubbles, and she's talking ALL the time! I swear she says "mama", "nana" and "nigh nigh nigh", but I know it's just babbling. We put her in her Exersaucer (thanks Grandma and Grandpa Specken), and she just babbles to herself for so long! Linna is such a smiley and happy baby. My favorite times with her is in the morning when she is ALL smiles in her crib, and when she hasn't seen me in a few hours, then I say hi to her and it's like the first time she's seen me in years!

If you would have asked me two months ago when we were going to have another baby, I would have slapped you in the face and said "never". Newborns are tough! But now, I am SO baby crazy! I would LOVE to have another little Linna. However, thinking about it logically (and with my husband's wishes in mind), we're going to wait until Linna is two or three years old before trying for another baby. I don't know if I could deal with two babies in diapers. But if you ask me 90% of the time, I would LOVE to be pregnant with twins right now. I know... I may be crazy:) I'm just loving the phase that Linna is in... and it's amazing how fast a mom forgets how tough it is to have a newborn. Trust me, it will be at least two years before another Baby Saigh is "in the works";)

For now, I will just enjoy all of my friends' pregnancies and babies! Having a new life is such a miracle... and for all of you "trying" to get pregnant... I wish you all the luck in the world!

Happy New Year!!!

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