Friday, January 6, 2012

Linna has started solids.

After two nights in a row of 5 a.m. feedings, where Linna would house a six ounce bottle, we decided to introduce our hungry lil' lady to solids. After a lot of discussion, research, and questioning, the first food Linna ate is...


We put it in. She spits it out.
We decided to do organic, brown rice cereal, mainly because there's less chance of her having an allergy. I wanted to do avocado, but I'm so scared of her having an allergic reaction. And since the first few feedings are all about texture and learning to swallow "food", I thought rice cereal would be a good start!

We put Linna in just a diaper and bib, put her in her high chair, and prepared her first food! I made a really running mixture of Earth's Best Organic Whole Brown Rice Cereal and breast milk. The breast milk was room temp and I didn't do any warming. I made about a tablespoon of food.

Daddy likes to clean me up after every bite.
Her first facial reaction was priceless! She was so confused as to what was being put in her mouth. If you had been on an all liquid diet for five months, you'd be confused too;) Most of what I put in her mouth came right back out! I don't know if she figured out how to swallow it, but practice makes perfect! She looked like she enjoyed it a little bit, but I think she enjoyed spitting it out even more. I let her get the cereal all over her, but when my husband fed her, he cleaned her up after every bite because he's such a neat freak:)

What are you putting in my mouth mama?!
The whole process lasted about a half hour (mostly because I was having so much fun watching her reactions), and toward the end she got a little fussy. At one point she even slammed her fist down, as if she was telling me, "Mom, I'M DONE!". We'll try again tomorrow night, and after a week, we're moving onto greens! I can wait to see what kind of poops she makes;) To see more photos of Linna's first "experience with solids", CLICK HERE!

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