Thursday, January 5, 2012

No linna, you're not a newborn.

Besides a couple "off nights", Baby Linna has been sleeping very well! She's now almost five months old, and for the last few months she's been sleeping 10-13 hour stretches. Lately, her bedtime is between 7:30 - 8:30 p.m., and she'll sleep until 8 or 9 a.m. No middle-of-the-night feedings, sometimes a little squaking, but we haven't had to wake up in the middle of the night to get her out of her crib. Until this morning.

I had yoga, so my husband put Linna down last night at 8 p.m. after she drank about six ounces (this is normal for her). This morning at 5 a.m., I was woken up my Linna squaking in her crib. I went in thinking I would just have to pat her on the butt and she'd go back to bed, but no. Linna was all smiles and wanted to get up! I looked at her cute, happy little face, and thought to myself, "we're not going to make this a habit!".

I got her out of her crib, and brought her into bed with us... something I haven't done since she was a newborn. She sucked down a five ounce bottle (still breast feeding via bottles) and then went back to bed. While she was eating her bottle, Linna and I had a little discussion about the fact that she's not a newborn anymore, and we don't wake up at 5 a.m.! She slept until about 9 a.m.

My first thought is that she's hungry and ready for some "real" food. We're going to do our normal routinue tonight, but if little miss is up again before 7 a.m., I think we're going to start her on solids. We shall see...


  1. Really enjoying reading your blog and all of your baby tips! We have a little one who's 5 months old and for the past week or so, she's been waking up around 5:30 - 6. She's always been a really great sleeper as well so this is new to us. Do you think starting Linna on solids was the catalyst to her sleeping longer again? Any advice is appreciated!

  2. I'm not sure if Linna slept better when we started solids. I don't remember her sleeping longer when we did, but it didn't hurt:) I think the thing that really helped her learn to sleep longer and self-sooth, was our video monitor. She learned that we don't always go in there when she would cry, and it made it easy for us not to always go in there to check on her, because we could SEE her. Some moms, however, swear by solids making their baby sleep better. It can't hurt, right?! Good luck!