Wednesday, April 11, 2012

8 months.

Crawling?! Nope. Standing?! Nope. Sitting?! YES! She has that mastered! Baby Linna is now eight months old and our little bug is growing like a weed. She still has no interest in crawling or pulling herself up on things, but sitting... she still does that like a pro (she's had two months of practice)! When we're working on crawling with Linna, she lays on her tummy and does this silly swimming motion. She doesn't try to get up onto her knees, really doesn't try to scoot, but man she can swim on the floor like a fish! She chooses to roll all over to get from here to there.
Since she was about three months old, Linna has been very strong, wanting to stand up and use her little legs. However, she doesn't want to pull herself up onto things on her own. If you hold her hands, she'll pull herself up, but she is not ready to take the initiative to do it herself. She does, however, want to explore every drawer, every corner, etc. She is into EVERYTHING! 

What's this...
We celebrated Linna turning eight months, by installing her convertible car seat. I know babies can stay in the infant seat for up to a year, but Linna is so big that we thought she's have a little more room in her new, bigger car seat! Papa accidentally installed it facing forward (he didn't know they had to be rear-facing or two years), and since we were in a hurry, Linna got to experience a forward-facing ride on a five minute trip to my parents' house. Don't call Social Services just yet, because we did switch it back;)

Oh, that looks good...
Everything is still going into her mouth, but she still only has her two bottom teeth. We're thinking Linna was either teething or growing a couple weeks ago, because her sleeping was a little off, and she wasn't eating a lot of food. Now, she's back to eating a TON for breakfast (usually oatmeal, yogurt and a fruit), a 4 oz. bottle before nap, lunch (usually a fruit and a veggie, with quinoa or lentils), a 4 oz. bottle before afternoon nap, dinner (usually a veggie with quinoa or lentils), and a 7 oz. bottle before bed. She won't pick up mushy food with her fingers and put it in her mouth, but put Cheerios on her tray, and she gobbles them up! She loves to bite them in half with her two bottom teeth.

Nom nom nom.
We haven't given her meat or fish yet, but we're thinking about introducing it at nine months. She really doesn't seem to be missing anything when it comes to food. We also haven't given her juice, only water out of a sippy cup. I feel that the longer you can hold out on juice, the better. We may start doing orange juice for breakfast sometime soon.

Linna loves to babble when she feels it's necessary. She babbles "dadadada", "lalalala", nananana", and "yayayaya". She also learned to wave "bye bye" the day she turned eight months old! That was pretty exciting, as she did it at Grandma and Grandpa Specken's on Easter Sunday. The other day, I took her to Punch Pizza for our cousin Bridget's birthday dinner, and she waved "bye bye" to everyone in the restaurant! Pretty cute.

Pimpin' in her Britax Frontier 70 Convertible Car Seat.
Wednesday's swimming lessons at FOSS Swim School are still one of Linna's favorite activities, as well as Story Time at our Hennepin County Public Library! For those of you who don't know, HC public libraries offer story time for babies and kids for FREE, and it is so much fun! We sing songs, read books, and play with the other kids. Linna often just chews on a piece of paper while taking it all in:)

Linna's first Easter.
Linna has always been such a good baby, but she really proved to be an EXTRA good baby this week when I had a segment on KARE 11. I was showcasing spring fashions for kids, with 10 KIDS in studio as my models. Linna was one of my models, but while I was getting all the kids ready, doing a run-through of the segment, doing my hair, etc., Linna just sat on the floor by herself, perfectly happy playing with her toys. She is such a content little baby! She's still sleeping great (we did have a couple "off" nights a couple weeks ago when she was either growing or teething), taking a morning and afternoon nap, lasting anywhere from 1-3 hours. She's also still sleeping from about 7pm - 7:30am.

I'm already ready for another baby, but Papa Saigh says no:(  It's so easy to forget how tough the newborn months are, but yet, I have;) Eight months is such a fun age, especially if you have a happy, smiley baby. Linna shows us every day how to love life and look at everything in a new way! Everything is so amazing and thrilling to her! We're so excited to see what the next few months have in store. Who knows, maybe Linna will be crawling tomorrow.

In the same chair she's taken her "monthly"
photos in for the last eight months. So big!


  1. I just love her smile and how her whole face lights up!

  2. Thanks Leah! We really did produce a couple cutie pies:) I just love reading your blog about Baby Hailey!