Monday, April 16, 2012

Feeding linna with a medicine syringe.

Alicia Silverstone may chew up her baby's food then spit it into his mouth, but I on the other hand resorted to feeding my 8-month-old her dinner through a medicine syringe tonight.

Linna must have had some teething pain today, because she took two long naps this morning and early this afternoon, and when it came time for dinner she was a little crank pot! I decided to give her some acetaminophen (we just use Target's Up&Up brand) around 4:30pm, which was also dinner time. She loves getting medicine through the syringe, but after I gave her the medicine, she didn't want to eat her sweet potatoes, mixed veggies, or pears off her spoon.

So, I got creative. Call it a crazy mommy moment, but knowing she loves the medicine syringe, I decided to see if she'd eat her food out of it. Yep... worked like a charm! I don't know if she likes the feeling of the food squirting into her mouth or what, be she gobbled up almost 5 oz. of food through the medicine syringe!

Hey, at least she got lots of yummy fruits and veggies in her belly:) What's the craziest thing you've done as a mom thus far?!

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