Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Swim evaluations.

Getting ready to do a "blast off" with Miss Lorrie.
Today, Linna had her swim evaluation at FOSS Swim School! Although we had high hopes to start training her for the 2012 Olympic Games, she "unfortunately" didn't advance to the next swimming level. PS, I'm kidding about the Olympics part:)

Linna is currently in the Backfloat Baby 1 class, where we've done light submersions, supported back floats, and kicks. She's just not ready for the Backfloat Baby 2 class, where they do minimal assistance back floats and teach depth awareness. Understandably, because she is only 8 months old:)

On the "magic carpet" with her classmates and parents.
Right now, we're just loving all the games, toys, songs, and other kids in our Backfloat Baby 1 class at FOSS! Linna absolutely LOVES the water, and it doesn't bother her to have water splashed in her face or dumped on her head. She can do "monkey cheeks" before she goes under the water, without hesitation. She also loves sitting on the side of the pool, and falling face first into the water.

The best part about Wednesday's swim class... she takes a super long nap right after! She's literally so pooped out after class, that she falls asleep in the car on the way home, and doesn't even wake up when I carry her inside the house to lay her in her crib.

Submersions with Mama and Miss Lorrie.
Summer sessions at FOSS start in June, and registration for those classes begins April 25th at 8 a.m. FOSS offers FREE level assessments, so an expert can tell you which class is best for your child. Since most Minnesota babies will be out on the lake or by the pool this summer, it's a really good idea to get your child used to the water, while teaching him or her about water safety! I'm so happy we signed Linna up early, because she is loving every aspect of being in the water!

A special thank you to Mindy of Mindy May Photography for providing us with these photos!

Swimming to Mama.

Swimming to her toy.

In her "Lil' Bit" towel from Great Gma K.

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