Saturday, April 21, 2012

A day at SeaLife.

Linna and I, while she was still awake, by the jelly fish.
On Friday, I took Linna on her first trip to the Mall of America's SeaLife exhibit. We went with a couple moms and their kiddos from our playgroup, and while the two other kids LOVED it... Linna slept:)

We started our day at the Rainforest Cafe for lunch with Jamie, Taylor, Bri, and JJ. The kids loved the dancing gorillas, music, and random thunderstorms inside the restaurant, while the moms enjoyed our food and good conversation! After a little shopping, we headed to SeaLife!

Bri showing her son JJ the starfish.

We all purchased a year membership, because it really does pay for itself! It's around $14 for an adult to go through once, and the year membership is $29.99. However, I used a coupon from my parents' Entertainment Coupon Book, and I got ours for $10 off! I know we'll go there often, especially when it's rainy or cold out, so it was a good purchase. Kids under 2 years old get in free!

Jamie and her daughter Taylor checking out the sharks.

When you first walk in, they have hands-on areas where kids can touch starfish and other little sea creatures. Then, as you go further inside, you get to see sharks, huge fish, sea horses, jelly fish, and other cool creatures swimming above your head! You literally walk through a tunnel and all of the creatures swim above your head. It's pretty cool! I was so excited for Linna to see all of this, but by the time we got inside, she was passed out, and she slept through the entire thing! I guess the Rainforest Cafe really pooped her out. We're excited to go back because they're introducing crocodiles and rainforest animals to the exhibit!

JJ and Linna enjoying lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.
Before we left, we spent about 20 minutes at the couple of arcade games they have. Jamie (one of the moms in our playgroup) was obsessed with winning a stuffed animal from the crane machine! After about 10 minutes and $4 in quarters later... she won! Her daughter Taylor got to take a stuffed shark home. Totally worth it;)

As you can see from some of the photos, it was tough to get a good photo of all the kids together... but the pics are pretty funny! When we left around 2:30 p.m., the kids were pretty pooped out, so we all left and headed home for nap time. Linna however, decided to wake up as soon as we left the mall:)

We're looking forward to heading back soon! I've posted many other photos from our day on the Minnesota Baby Facebook Page, so check them out!

And we're done...

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