Monday, October 15, 2012


Singapore Sam and Linna in Singapore's Chinatown.

If you want to sweat more than you've ever sweat in your life, feel extremely frustrated, lost and out of place... go to Singapore's Chinatown with a your child in a stroller. If you actually want to enjoy your experience there, go in the evening.

A few weeks ago, Linna and I hopped on the MRT, went two stops (about 3 minutes) from our apartment near HarbourFront, and we were in Singapore's Chinatown. We decided to go during the day, which was much too hot and muggy, but since we were there, we decided to explore.

Narrow walk-ways that are difficult to pass people
in with a stroller.

Loved the buildings where the shops are.

I pushed Linna around in the stroller through the street markets of Chinatown, and we found a lot of good deals. Postcards are SUPER cheap in Chinatown (like 5 for $1 or $2), so we stocked up, and I also got Linna a cute little Chinese outfit! The street markets weren't very packed with people since we went on a weekday, but it was so hot that we had to take our flushed little cheeks into an air conditioned store to cool off.

Inside this supermarket we stopped in to cool off, we saw all types of Chinese herbs, foods, drinks, etc. EVERYTHING is written in Chinese (obviously), so if you don't read the language you'll be lost just like we were. There's definitely a language barrier in Chinatown, so I didn't even bother to ask questions about the things I saw in the stores. I did find a bag of dehydrated pears for $4, so I bought them for Linna's snacks. She LOVES them!

Chinatown in the day.

Chinatown at night.

I looked everywhere for REAL Chinese hot & sour soup, because someone in Singapore told me that it's the best in Singapore. If you know me, I LOVE hot & sour soup! I asked everyone that I saw in the little food shops if they had it, and everyone looked at me like I was crazy. I had to wait until we went on our Babies at Sea Cruise to find hot & sour soup, which was worth the wait because it was AMAZING!

There's also a hawker food center and market as soon as you step of the MRT. There, Linna and I found some delicious lychee tea. It's a cold tea that is sweet, only $1, and a perfect refreshing treat after a long hot day. I've tried finding this tea elsewhere in Singapore, but failed. I guess I'll have to keep going back to Chinatown!

Chinese outfit I bought Linna in Chinatown for $15.


When my parents were in town, the three of us visited Chinatown at night while AJ stayed home with Linna. I'm not sure if it was my time spent away from Linna, or the fact that we went to Chinatown at night, but this experience was MUCH more enjoyable. Plus, seeing all of the streets lit up with gorgeous lanterns and lights was incredible. My mom and I even watched a stray cat chase after (and catch) a cockroach in a dark alley.

Chinese woman making tea bags.

The food and market complex right off the MRT stop in Chinatown.

A lot of people will say that if you've seen one Chinatown, you've seen them all. I have to say that Singapore's Chinatown was different than NYC's Chinatown (the only other Chinatown I've been to) because Singapore's is much "cleaner" and smaller. I never feel "safe" in NYC's Chinatown, but I feel very safe in Singapore's. The sellers in NYC's Chinatown are much more annoying and pushy when it comes to getting you to buy something. In Singapore's Chinatown, they literally ask once and then leave you alone. If you're looking for good deals on things like postcards and little souvenir gifts, or just want to people-watch while enjoying a cold lychee tea, then Chinatown is a place to visit in Singapore. Just remember to go during the evening if you want to stay cool:)

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