Monday, October 29, 2012

Linna's new swim gear from splash about.

Linna in her Splash About Happy Nappy
Swim Costume. She looks like a little old-fashion
lady swimmer!
Living in Singapore basically means that Linna and I live at the pool. It's SO hot here ALL year round... something we're not used to in Minnesota. When we're spending every day at the pool, we go through way too many disposable swim diapers, and it can get REALLY expensive. So I did some searching online, and found a company that makes a reusable/washable swim diaper and swimsuit all in one called a Happy Nappy Swim Costume (outside the US people call diapers "nappys", and swimsuits "swim costumes"). The company I ordered this from is called Splash About and they are based in the UK.

For under $25 (USD), I got Linna an adorable pink and orange Happy Nappy Swim Costume. Previously, she had been wearing a little purple reusable/washable swim diaper/nappy I got at Mother Care (the UK version of Babies R Us) in Singapore, but we really needed another option when we're spending every day at the pool. Plus, I wanted something that protected her skin from the sun a little more. This Happy Nappy Swim Costume holds in poop better than ever! I'm always concerned about Linna doing a #2 in the pool, but NOTHING gets through the Happy Nappy. They are made of a stretchy neoprene, and finished with a soft, snug fitting, deep bands of fabric with a high rubber content to keep all poo inside, and NOT in the pool!  I wish I had ordered a second one of these little suits for Linna to wear at our cabin next summer in Minnesota. Right now, there's a couple of these suits on clearance/sale for like $15 (USD), so you could have the suit shipped to you for about what it would cost to find a cute suit in Minnesota.

I also ordered Linna a cute little Float Suit and a Float Jacket. I got the Float Suit in hopes of Linna learning to swim without her armbands (water wings). At 14 months, she's a little to young to be without the armbands, so we'll save both the Float Suit and Float Jacket for next year at the cabin. She did have fun in the Float Suit while using the armbands though! I have some "mom friends" here in Singapore who have older kids (two and three years old) that wear the Float Suit and Float Jacket, and some of those kids are excellent swimmers!

Linna enjoying her Splash About Float Suit. Love the navy blue and white
polka dot print. We kept her armbands on, but next year I think she'll be ready
to go without!

Splash About ships pretty much anywhere in the world, and their shipping prices are very reasonable. I couldn't find the products I ordered in Singapore stores, so I just ordered them online. There is a store in the US that sells Splash About products, so you can have them shipped from there as well. We are pretty big fans of our little swimmer in her Happy Nappy Swim Costume!


  1. WOW!!! I bet this works with my little “O” two and she will definitely going to love this… I’ll take it from you… XOXO:D

  2. SO CUTE! One of these swim kits will surely goes in to my shopping cart. Two thumbs up!

  3. Good to hear Chelsea and Olivia! Happy holidays:)