Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mommy's day out.

This past Saturday, my husband AJ watched Linna in the morning and part of the afternoon, so I could enjoy some "mommy time" in Singapore! It's amazing how a few hours without Linna can make me feel so refreshed. I took the opportunity to have a massage at SpaBoutique off Orchard Road in Singapore.

It was SO HOT outside on Saturday, that by the time I arrived at SpaBoutique, I was dripping in sweat. To my surprise, the spa didn't have air conditioning when I walked in the doors. Nestled among lush green, tropical plants and trees, I walked in and was immediately greeted with some cold water and and an ICE COLD towel to cool down. I have finally realized the importance of these cold towels that we receive at places in Singapore. When I've received them at places in Minnesota, I literally feel obligated to use it, even though it's not necessary. However, in Singapore, they are actually necessary! I was immediately able to cool down and enjoy my experience.

Once I was escorted into my spa room, I was delighted to find that the room was air conditioned, but not to the point of being too cold. It was perfect! The lights were low, and I was able to simply relax. I chose a Swedish massage, and it was heavenly! My massage therapist gave me some disposable underwear to put on before my massage for hygienic reasons (many places do this in Singapore). The best part about this massage, was that my massage therapist actually massaged my gluteal muscles (I know I could call it my butt, but I feel weird saying that)! This may have been the first massage that I've had where they'll actually do that, and it wasn't at all inappropriate. I WISH more places would do this! Our glutes to get a lot of use from walking around all day:)

The woman doing my massage actually got on the table to work out all the knots and kinks in my back, which again, I appreciated. By the time she was finished, I wanted to sink into the massage table and take a nap... or get a second massage. I didn't want it to end! It was absolute perfection. AJ even commented that my skin looked "really healthy" afterwards:)

After my massage, I grabbed a quiet lunch by myself (haven't done that in years), and then met AJ and Linna at ExplorerKid in Singapore. What's a Saturday without some family fun, right?! Linna was able to let loose and get rid of some of her energy, while AJ and I got to watch her having a good time. AJ doesn't get the chance to do this during the week because he's working, so it's moments like this that are really special. Linna got into a children's ball pit for the first time, and although she was a little intimidated at first, she wanted to take the balls home with her by the time we left.

So excited to see all there is to do at ExplorerKid!
It wasn't too busy on a Saturday, but the kids that were there thought Linna was the cutest, and played very well with her. They loved telling her not to eat the foam balls, even though there was a language barrier (speaking baby to Chinese isn't always the easiest). The ExplorerKid at AMK Hub has the older kids' and younger kids' activities and play area all in one spot, but I've heard that the younger kid's play area is in a separate area at the Downtown East location. I think we'll take her there next time, so things are a little less "busy". If we had older kids, I could see them playing all day at the AMK location, as they have a lit ball-pool, cannon ball-blasters, tunnels, etc. They also do birthday parties at both locations.

Our little bug in the ball pit.

Climbing with mama!

A big thank-you to my hard-working husband for letting me take some "me time". This past Saturday, I got to experience the best of both worlds, and I feel like the luckiest women, mom. and wife in the world!

Linna makes friends everywhere she goes, but we don't always catch their names:)


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