Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hopkins public library children's area.

I hesitated a bit before writing this post, for fear that the Hopkins Public Library Children's Area might become so popular that there's a line to get in. But seriously, KUDOS to The Hopkins Public Library for giving not only the entire library a much-needed remodel, but the Children's Area too!

Planting pretend vegetables in the garden.

Linna learning her letters with alphabet blocks.
I grew up in Hopkins, and remember riding my bike to the Hopkins Public Library, checking out books, and reading with my little brother in the big carpeted bathtub (anyone else remember this?!). It was everything I could have wanted in a library as a kid. However, the NEW Children's Area is AMAZING! I seriously could bring my daughter there every day. They have a firetruck play-area, pretend bus, places for children to pretend to mail letters, a big tree with a little hide-out, little "city employee" costumes for the kids to dress up in, a pretend fresh-produce stand, a garden where kids can plant pretend vegetables, a picnic area, alphabet blocks, and of course TONS of books. There is literally something to do for every age group, and the best part is that the kids are learning while they're playing. It's set up like a mini downtown, so the kids can explore all that Hopkins has to offer.

So much to do.

Dressing up like a Hopkins police officer and fire chief.
There were five or six other little kids there when we went Tuesday morning around 10:30 a.m., and there was plenty of room for the adults to grab a seat while the kids played together. Linna loved putting the fake fruits and vegetables in the appropriate basket at the "Farmers Market", and playing with the alphabet blocks in the "Raspberry Treats" area. She learned so much today using educational toys that we don't have at home. This is a great place for parents/caretakers to go if they need to send out a few emails, finish thank-you cards, etc., while the kids play with each other and learn. I watched as two little boys pretended to be a postal worker and police officer. I loved the way they communicated with each other about their "jobs". Oh to be little again!

City park picnic-area with lots of fake food and dishes.

The tree. I never really looked inside that little
hide-out to see what Linna was doing.

The best part is that it's FREE! Hopkins is so lucky to have such a wonderful play area for children, and we'll be visiting often. This seriously might be our new favorite free place to go in the Twin Cities! Well done Hopkins.

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  1. I appreciate it when there are enough kids in the CHILDREN'S section so you don't get the stink-eye when your kids act like KIDS. This looks like a great place!