Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Baby saigh #2 pregnancy: Weeks 28 & 29.

28 Weeks Pregnant

Linna and her new Big Sister book from I See Me!
Well, we finally bought a house... A house that isn't molding, rotting, or falling apart (that we know about anyway). We found a newer home in Victoria, in a neighborhood with lots of kids. We close on October 2nd, which just happens to be our 5-year wedding anniversary. I am so excited to (hopefully) be settled in our OWN house before the baby arrives in November.

In belly news, I just continue to get bigger and bigger. This week, the baby started kicking or punching REALLY low in my belly, to the point where it feels like he or she is going to kick his or her way out of my nether-regions. I seriously feel like I have baby parts coming out of my who-ha at times. The baby is a big time squirmer, sometimes performing spastic dance moves in my belly. I'm feeling some irregular stomach-hardening and pressure throughout the day, which is definitely noticeable, but nothing alarming.

Linna asks and talks about the baby all the time. She has so many questions about how big the baby will be, what it will do, and about how it will "change" our family. We decided to order the book "What Big Sister Linna Does Best" from I See Me! (a Minnesota company), to better prep her for the arrival of the new baby. She LOVES this book. It's completely personalized, and explains all the fun things that big sisters get to do once the baby arrives. The book makes Linna feel like she's going to be my big helper, which makes her so excited! We read this book almost every night, and I think she just loves seeing her name in print. We've ordered a few I See Me! personalized books in the past, and have always been impressed. We're also going to get her a personalized copy of the book, "The Super, Incredible Big Sister" once the baby arrives and we know his or her name and gender. The book comes with a "Big Sister" medal, which Linna will love.

29 Weeks Pregnant

While I am really trying to enjoy my pregnancy, this week was rough. Pregnancy insomnia has set in, my acid reflux goes crazy at night, the baby feels super heavy when I lay on my sides or walk around, and I am getting pretty uncomfortable. Only 10 more weeks to go... GAH! Since Linna and I are still at my parents' house until we close on our house on October 2nd, she and I are sleeping together in a full-size bed in the basement. While I actually do enjoy sleeping with my little bug, our sleeping situation has become pretty cramped between the "three" of us. I tried getting her to sleep upstairs in the guest bedroom, but she'd rather sleep downstairs. I just can't get myself to let her sleep on a different floor of the house than the rest of us (I know, I'm probably crazy), so I'm sucking it up and shackin' up with my tossing and turning 4-year-old, and my baby bump. I swear this baby knows when it's my bedtime, because he or she starts flipping and kicking as soon as I start getting drowsy. I've also been super hot at night, and have to have a fan blowing on me while I sleep. I use the term "sleep" lightly, because I think I'm averaging 3 hours of sleep each night. I did, however, get a decent night sleep last night, because I took a Benadryl for my allergies. And the constant peeing at night... I'm OVER IT!

Linna, Mama Saigh (29 weeks), and "The Bump" on Linna's first day if preschool in Minnesota.
Sweater top and leggings from Stitch Fix.

I had a doctors appointment this week, where I decided to get the Tdap vaccination (for Pertussis - Whooping Cough, Tetanus, and Diphtheria) to give the baby at least some protection against Whooping Cough this winter, since they aren't able to be vaccinated until they are a few months old. My doctor also checked the baby's heartbeat which was in the 150s. While I was waiting for the doctor, I was playing around with the "due date predictor wheel". Since I am certain of the day we conceived (an ultrasound back in March showed us the follicle that was ready to release the egg that is now Baby Saigh #2), I am expecting to go into labor on November 15th. My doctor laughed and wished me luck when I told him my prediction, but mark my words... It's gonna happen! Haha. The baby is currently about 2.5 lbs., and the size of a butternut squash.

I also started thinking this week that the baby might be a girl. Up until now, I've thought the baby was a boy, but my acid reflux is just as bad this pregnancy as it was during my pregnancy with Linna. Also, a woman from my mother-in-law's work told me that she randomly had a dream that I brought the baby into their office, and it was a girl. Let's be honest, these are just guesses, but I'm kind of leaning more toward guessing it's a girl. We're still waiting until the birth for find out the baby's gender. It's so crazy not knowing ANYTHING about the little person inside of me, which is so different from the experience with my first pregnancy. One exciting piece of news from this week is that Papa Saigh is booking his ticket home, and will be back from Singapore on October 10th. I can't wait to have our family back together and in our OWN house... FINALLY!

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