Monday, September 21, 2015

Nighttime potty-training is for the birds.

Last week, I got the bright idea to start nighttime potty-training our 4-year-old. She's been completely potty-trained since the age of 2 (except for nighttime pull-ups), and I don't know if it's the fact that we'll have a new baby here in 2-ish months, or the fact that we move into our new house in 10 days, but I just thought, "Now is the time".

Well, now is not the time.

Last month, Linna told me that she didn't want to wear pull-ups to bed anymore, and last week I found a waterproof sheet to fit our bed ON CLEARANCE! I took both of these instances as signs. I figured that kids should be able to go through the night without having an accident by the age of 4. So, on Friday night, I decided to just go for it. I completely ignored the fact that...

A. My kid JUST turned 4, and rarely wakes up with a dry pull-up in the morning.
B. She sleeps a lot longer than most kids (12-13 hours at night).

We tried 3 nights of nighttime potty-training, and I'm over it. This was a solo-mission, as Papa Saigh is working in Singapore for the next few weeks. Linna would go to bed at 7 p.m., and I'd wake her up to pee before I went to be around 10 p.m. Waking her up to take her to the toilet is like waking the dead. She would pee on the toilet, but I had to wake her from a dead sleep to get her there. Carrying a 35 lb. kid while 30 weeks pregnant is fab. During the first two nights, she woke up at at about midnight with wet undies and a wet towel underneath her. The first night, she walked to the toilet on her own, and then cried to me about her "accident" when I went in there. The second night, she woke me up to tell me that she had wet the bed. Last night, I decided to wake her up a little later to use the toilet (about 11:30 p.m.), and she was completely dry when I checked her this morning at around 6 a.m. But then, she woke up at about 7:30 p.m. all wet.


I did the whole "no liquids" an hour before bed, had her pee right before she went to bed, etc. But the truth is that I just don't think she's ready. And to be honest, I'm not ready to continue interrupting her fantastic sleep pattern. She sleeps hard, wakes up with a great attitude, and is generally an amazingly well-behaved child. Why the hell would I mess with this?! Call me lazy for giving up too easily, but I don't think Linna is harming herself or anyone else by wearing a pull-up to bed. In all honesty, if it was acceptable and wasn't frowned upon by Papa Saigh, I'd probably wear a pull-up to bed... ESPECIALLY while pregnant. Waking up to pee is straight up inconvenient.

So there you have it. I am a proud mama of a pull-up-at-night wearing, pacifier-at-night using 4-year-old. Remember THAT when you cast your vote for "Mom of the Year".


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  2. Good to try, and good to know when to put it off for another time. She'll be ready at some point, but it may be in a year or two. Don't sweat it; she'll get there. Cheers! Carolyn