Thursday, September 24, 2015

New indoor play-area at eden prairie center.

I'll admit that I never visited the former indoor play-area at Eden Prairie Center, but the 4-year-old and I met up with friends this week to check out the NEW one that opened on September 8th of this year. The indoor play-area at Eden Prairie Center is now located in a fully-enclosed (except for a mini door for kids located near the entrance) storefront that is actually soundproof. It's targeted toward toddlers, and all of the play equipment, benches, cubbies, etc, are brand new. While the 1, 2, and 3-year-olds playing on the day we visited were enjoying their time, our 4-year-old was impressed for about 5 minutes.

Brand new and FREE indoor play-area at Eden Prairie Center.

Brand new and FREE indoor play-area at Eden Prairie Center.

The new play-area is located downstairs near Kohls, and conveniently has a Kid's Hair right next door. But beware parents, because there is an area right outside the new FREE play-area with fun, attractive rides that cost $! There's also a kiosk with those new "ride on animals" that cost $5 a pop, and a "pay as you ride" choo-choo train nearby. So, make sure you bring cash, or be ready to hold your ground when the kiddos have a meltdown as you tell them they can't go on the rides. In my opinion, if you have a kid age 4+, you'd be better off checking out a play-area for older kids, because the play equipment at this play area is very low to the ground and toddler-friendly. Bigger kids (like my 4-year-old) might get bored. This is, however, a fantastic spot for parents and caregivers with little ones, who are looking for a place to sit and take a break while the kiddos burn off some energy in a "safe" environment. Oh, and one more thing to consider... The closest restroom to this play-area is located down the hall and in the basement (it's a bit of a walk). There is, however, a Caribou located even closer to the play-area than the restrooms are! But don't think about bringing your coffee into the play-area with you, because the mall cops will be all up in your business. Socks are also required, but more than half the kids playing while we were there were running around without socks.

Linna and her 2.5-year-old pal Carson, breaking the rules and snackin' inside the play-area.

Choo-Choo Train that runs outside the play-area. Not free:)

Ride area outside the free play-area.

Eden Prairie Center
8251 Flying Cloud Drive in Eden Prairie
(952) 941-7650

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