Wednesday, December 23, 2015


I found so many great options for both kids!
Now that our 4-year-old will soon be entering kindergarten, I've been on the prowl for deals on school clothes, and ideas for school/class fundraisers. Recently, I was introduced to a program called Schoola. It's an online shop that recycles brand-name women's and children's clothes, with $2 of every $5 spent going to fund school programs. They recently launched a baby and maternity collection, and they even offer new-with-tag pieces for sale. These pieces are 70% off retail, with 40% of the proceeds going to help the Malala Fund.

After searching through their online site, I not only ordered brand new Tea collection clothes (quality, simple, comfortable children's clothing) for Baby Jimmy and Linna, but I also found some other great name-brand pieces as well. Plus, I love that the money spent is going to help fund school programs.

Since I just had a baby and am still "between sizes", I'm not quite confident ordering clothing online for myself, but this site looks like it has a lot of great options for women. I'll definitely be suggesting Schoola as a fundraising idea once Linna starts full-day school in August!

Video explaining how the program works:

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