Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Rec room makeover.

Ever since we moved back home to Minnesota, Papa Saigh has been very impressive in the DIY department. In October, we moved into our new home in Victoria, Minnesota, and have started a few updating projects. The two biggest projects that we're currently working on are the rec room, and kitchen makeovers. Here's a photo of what our rec room looked like when we bought the house...

Rec room before. It was a maroon color with a hideous wallpaper boarder.
This room is huge, and we've turned it into the TV/rec room. Papa Saigh installed pine wood floors by hand, I peeled the ugly wallpaper boarder off the walls with the help of my mother-in-law, and Papa Saigh repainted the walls with the help of his dad. We aren't "carpet people", so we tore out the old carpet, and are slowly changing out the light-colored wood baseboards, doors, and window frames to white wood. Here's what the rec room looks like now...

Rec room after.

We went with Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy paint color, and we absolutely love it. The floors will need to be sanded down and sealed again, since we'll have a little crawler by the summer I'm sure. But we love the "rustic" look of these floors.

Papa Saigh's pine wood floors.
We also had a photo that my friend Kylie Petts captured of the Singapore skyline, turned into a large wall canvas. Kylie is the photographer behind all the beautiful WonderLight Photography images, and I love having a piece of her work in our home. She's from Australia, lived in Singapore while we did, and now lives in Vietnam. We ordered this photo as Shutterfly's Three Panoramic Spread, when they were having a really great sale (like 40 or 50% off retail)! We love how the wall canvas turned out, and Shutterfly's turn-around time was less than a week. They have many wall art and home decor options to choose from, to give your home a personalized and finished touch. We've always been happy with our purchases from Shutterfly. Our canvas hangs above our sofa, and every time I look at it, I'm reminded of the many fond memories of our time spent in Singapore.

Photo by Kylie Petts of WonderLight Photography, turned into a Three Panoramic Spread from Shutterfly.

This entire room was painted and re-floored for well under $500. We still have some finishing touches to add, but I'm super impressed with my handy husband. This room is where we spend a lot of our time in the house, and I'm excited to watch it come together. Now, onto the kitchen remodel...

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