Saturday, July 9, 2011

34 weeks.

At the Britney Spears concert with the "tiniest
Britney fan". Thanks Auntie Lisa!
I have been so lazy about updating this blog!  It's been what... almost a month?!  Yikes!

I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant and a lot has changed over the last month.  Not only have I gotten a LOT bigger, but I've almost completely lost my belly button, picked up an amazing "waddle", gained some sexy swollen feet and ankles, and I'm averaging a couple hours of sleep each night:(  I really enjoyed my second trimester of pregnancy... when everything was "cute" and new.  But now, things are just becoming down-right UNCOMFORTABLE!

It's amazing how much your body changes when you're pregnant.  I think I literally can feel my bones and muscles stretching/cracking, and MAN does this little girl like to move!  A couple months ago, I could feel her little kicks, which feel like little "love taps", but now those "love taps" have turned into complete roll-overs, full body-stretches, and dance routines.  This week, I went to the Britney Spears concert at the Xcel Center, and Baby Saigh must have had a blast because she didn't stop dancing until the next morning.  I think I may have gotten an hour of sleep that night... woof!  At least she likes Britney... just like her mama!

Even though I've been uncomfortable, I'm still doing things I did before I got pregnant.  A couple weeks ago, my girlfriends and I went out on Lake Minnetonka, and I even took out the jet ski!  I didn't go over huge waves like I normally do, but I did go fast:)  Swimming at my family cabin has also given me a lot of relief, as it's the only time I feel weightless.

Baby Saigh and Mama on Lake Minnetonka
at 33 weeks.
My third trimester has also brought on a lot of fatigue.  I've learned to take it easy after work, but when there's so much to be done before Baby Saigh's arrival, it's tough.  I do have the best husband though, as he's done a lot of the cleaning and put our little girl's nursery together (I can't wait to post pictures)!  We did hire a cleaning service for the last couple months, and after Baby Saigh gets here, so we can just focus on our little baby.

Oh, and AJ also bought our family a little "gem"... or should I say "tank"!  We are now the proud owners of a Chevy Tahoe.  AJ was so concerned about Baby Saigh being protected when she's in the car, so he bought her a "tank".  Sounds like someone is already a little over-protective;)

For family and friends who are wondering about our "due date", the plan is to have me induced on August 10th, even though my due date is August 19th.  My "original" due date was August 10th, and my doctor says as long as my cervix is "favorable", he'll induce me early!  To be completely honest, having a date on the calendar is how I operate, and it will be nice for my work and family too.  However, if Baby Saigh has other plans, and feels like she needs to bake a little bit longer, that's just fine with us too!

We can't wait to meet you little one!

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