Monday, July 25, 2011

The night Baby Saigh almost made her grand entrance.

36 weeks pregnant and at Baby Saigh's
first Twins game. It was hot!
So last night was a pretty eventful Sunday. Papa Saigh and I spent the afternoon at the Twins game with my brother and his girlfriend Holly, and during the game I started feeling some contractions. I had been having irregular contractions all day, but now they were getting pretty close together. After the game, as we were dropping my brother and Holly of at their house, I started timing the contractions and they were about 5-7 minutes apart. They were the kind of contractions that made me feel like I either had to hold my breath or push, and my stomach would get so hard that you could literally see Baby Saigh's body outline in my tummy (so weird)!

On the way home, we stopped at Subway to get something to eat (it was too hot to eat at the Twins game). If I was going to the hospital to have this baby, I wasn't going to do it hungry! So many moms have told me that once you get to the hospital, they won't feed you in case you need a C-section... and I don't do very well hungry. I ate my sandwich between contractions, took a bath, called the doctor, and we were off to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital, I kept telling Papa Saigh that I didn't know if this was the real deal or not. I wasn't in "excruciating pain" like you see in the movies, and my water didn't break. I had lost my "plug" early last week, was having back pain, pelvic pressure, and now my contractions were regular. Papa Saigh made me feel better by just saying, "Well, if it's not real, then we get to have a practice run." I love my husband.

In the hospital looking oh so "hot".  Lesson
learned: I will be wearing makeup for Baby
Saigh's birth.  Like my outfit?!  Woof.
When we got to the hospital, they admitted me, hooked me up to a monitor and asked a lot of questions. Our nurse Tracy was so great! The monitoring showed that I was contracting every 3-5 minutes. Since I am 36 weeks pregnant, the doctor on-call decided he wanted to get me to 37 weeks to let Baby Saigh "cook" a little bit longer. So they made the decision to try and stop the contractions. They made me drink two big containers of water in case I was dehydrated. Dehydration can cause your uterus to contract. After that, they decided to give me a shot of Trebutaline (a drug used to relax the smooth muscles). I HATE SHOTS, so this was a huge ordeal! I cried and tried to get out of it. Papa Saigh has never really seen me in a hospital setting, let alone in a "shot" setting. I freak out when it comes to shots! I'm alright when it comes to getting an IV, but when it comes to shots, I shut down. I've been like this my whole life. I kept telling myself how much pain I was going to be in when giving birth, and that this shot was nothing. I, of course, let her do it and, as always, it wasn't that bad:)

The shot made me feel like I had downed 10 cups of coffee, and left my heart racing (all normal side effects). I felt so weird! I had two more contractions, and then the meds worked. My contractions stopped and they decided to release me. Since the chances of me going home and having my water break, or my contractions starting up again are pretty good, they put me on bed rest until July 30th. They are very determined to get me to 37 weeks. The nurse said that every day we can make it past 36 weeks, is two days less in the NICU. Baby Saigh could be just fine if she decided to come now, but chances of having a perfectly healthy baby increase after 37 weeks.

So I'm at home... on bed rest. How boring. Hopefully Lil' Miss will stay safe inside my belly for a little bit longer and we'll get to meet her soon. The doctor said everything is looking great with the Baby, and she's been flipping all around since we got home from the hospital. Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and concerns. Keep us in your prayers and we'll keep you updated on any changes!

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  1. Such an exciting time! My mom encouraged me to put some makeup on after I got my epidural...I labored all night at home and looked like crap when I got to the hospital. It was a great suggestion becasue of all the pictures! I also brought 3-4 nursing tanks that I could wear in the hospital so I didn't have to wear the horrible hospital gowns...just a suggestion!

    Good luck!!