Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby quilt made with love.

Squares ready for assembly.
Over the last nine months, friends and family have been hard at work putting together a very special gift for Baby Saigh. It's a quilt made with individual squares by all those who love her! My high school girlfriends headed up this project, asking all of my family and friends to knit quilt squares. I don't come from a long line of knitters, so I hear it was a little tough to find participants, but a few people learned how to knit just to be a part of this blanket!

Brittany, Kelly and Sara
putting the quilt together.
Last night, my high school girlfriends came over to assemble the quilt. Each square is so different, and I love that there's a story behind each piece of this blanket. I hope that this blanket is something Baby Saigh will cherish and carry around with her. My friend Stacy said that some moms even sleep with the blanket before Baby arrives, to get their "scent" on it!

This idea came from my friend Stacy Anderson when she was pregnant with the first baby of our group... Calvin Anderson. One of Calvin's first photos was taken on his blanket... naked tushie and all:) I want to do the same with Baby Saigh!

Worker bees: Brittany, Stacy, Sara, Me, Britt, Kelly
and Julie (in NY). So much love in one blanket!
Below is an example of the email that was sent out to get the blanket started. Once all the squares come in, you can have a group of people assemble the blanket, or an individual, with beige or natural color yarn. This is such a special project and truly a labor of love. I'm so appreciative of everyone who participated!

Email example:

As you know, ______ and ______ are expecting! We would love to create a baby quilt to warm the little bundle. The way we will go about this is by asking each of you to knit/crochet a 4x4 square that will then be stitched together, to make a beautiful keepsake blanket. Baby Girl _____ is expected mid-August, but we'd like to invite all of you to begin knitting your squares now, as the assembly of the blanket will take some time! Please review the guidelines below. 

1. The finished blanket will be about 28" x 36"
2. The blanket will consist of approximately 63 unique squares of the same size- make as many as you can!
3. Feel free to choose yarn colors that call to you like - no need to stick to pastels/"baby" colors. The effect of various yarn patterns and colors is what gives each blanket its charm.
4. Each square should measure 4" by 4".  It can be difficult to sew together squares that are more than 1/2" bigger or smaller than this. If you have started a square that isn't measuring 4", it is best to start over and adjust the number of stitches.
5. Squares may be knit or crocheted, in any pattern.  However, in order to ensure that each square is sturdy enough, please use knitting needles no larger than size 9.  Squares knit with size 6-8 needles with a worsted weight yarn are the best (sometimes this yarn is labeled with a big "4" or "5" on the sleeve).  Baby-friendly soft yarns are best for tender skin, of course.  Many of us have had success with "Vanna's Choice Yarn," which can be found at Michael's and Jo-Ann Fabrics.  And, yes, it's THAT Vanna.
6. Please leave at least a 6" yarn tail at the start and end of each square, so that we may weave in the ends when we construct the blanket. If you already are familiar with weaving in ends, feel free to do this yourself.
7. Please submit all squares by ________ to allow for assembly!

If you have never knit before, we welcome you to learn for this most special project. The truly homemade, love-made textures that the contrasting skill levels (and now and then errant stitches) bring to the finished heirloom. Do not hesitate just because you are a beginner!

Please drop off or send finished squares to:
(insert name and address)

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