Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The things people don't tell you.

This blog post may be a little graphic for some, but let's get real... you're reading a blog about pregnancy.  So turn away now if you don't want to read about some of the fun little realities:)

There are things you find out when you're pregnant, that you just have to learn for yourself.  They are things you may have heard about in passing, but until they happen to you, you can't really understand it.  Let's begin...

1. You won't sleep even BEFORE the baby comes.

You're uncomfortable, you spend the night running to the bathroom, and all you want to do is sleep on your tummy.  I kid you not, I wake up at midnight, 2am, 3am, 4:30am, 6am and 7:30am to pee... even if I didn't drink anything before bed!  It's crazy and almost makes you contemplate wearing a diaper to bed (no, I have not sunk to this level... yet).  I'm sure this is just nature's way of preparing mamas-to-be for all the midnight feedings and sleepless nights to come.  But it's not just the hourly bathroom trips.  I haven't had a full-night sleep in weeks because I can't find a comfortable sleep position.  I have a body pillow that worked out great during the second trimester, but I have yet to find a comfortable sleep position in my third trimester.  My hips hurt when I sleep on my side, I can't breathe on my back, and with this huge belly my tummy sleep is out of the question.

2. Your hips and pelvis... OUCH!

I sleep on my hips because it's literally the only way, and that just KILLS my hips.  There are mornings I wake up and I have to limp to the bathroom.  As a preggo, the only thing I can take for the pain is Tylenol, so I'm learning to grin and bear it... kind of.  And we all know what nature is doing to our pelvis in the weeks before childbirth. Man is it uncomfortable!  I personally feel like I'm carrying around a bowling ball.  And yes, I waddle... everywhere I go.

3. Get ready for leaky bubbies... yuck!

As a mom-to-be who is planning on nursing, I know your breasts can leak while you're in between feedings.  But before the baby arrives?!  That was a shocker!  I've learned the hard way with a couple embarrassing "leaky moments", but now nursing pads have become my friend!

I know that all of these fun surprises are just a part of becoming a mom, and I feel so blessed to have a little bun in the oven.  I'm so excited for our little girl to arrive in about a month!

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