Thursday, June 14, 2012

10 months.

Now that's she's learned how to crawl, our little 10-month-old is a speedy little thing! There's nothing this little girl won't get into. If I turn my back for one second she either has something in her mouth that she found on the floor, or has crawled off to discover something new. So far, I've found a Mike & Ike in her mouth (at my parents' house after my sister's graduation party - there was a candy/desert bar), and a tinfoil wrapper that she found in our closet from a piece of candy (I'm blaming my husband for that one - it was on his side of the closet)!

I've already begun planning Linna's first birthday party! It's unreal to think that we will soon have a one-year-old. Seriously, where does the time go? Her invitations have been ordered, some decorations have been purchased, but I'm still thinking of ideas for activities. She's only going to be one, so I shouldn't go overboard, right?!

Loving spending the summer at the pool.
In the last month or so, Linna has become very attached to her pink blanket that she's been sleeping with. We call it her "snuggles". If you ask her where "snuggles" is, she looks around for it, and the second you give it to her, she curls her whole body up and snuggles right into it. It's so cute! One night I had put "snuggles" in the washing machine, and he hadn't been dried yet before bed. I tried putting Linna down without her "snuggles"... BIG mistake! I had to quickly throw it in the dryer, and take it out after 15 minutes so she could go to bed. Yep, "snuggles" was still damp, but Linna had her "snuggles" so she didn't care:) Thanks Auntie Julie G. for giving us Linna's first best friend! Finger crossed that we never lose this thing.

Playing with one of the cool toys at ECFE.
Now that swimming lessons are over for the season, we signed up for a Baby & Me class thorough ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education). We are both in love with this class! ECFE has so many great learning toys that we don't have at home, as well as things Linna can crawl on, learn, and explore. We're really finding that we have a little investigator and explorer on our hands!

So difficult to get her to sit still.
Linna also has quite the little palate! She is a lover of pretty much all food, including salmon, tilapia, blueberries, eggs, and anything with olive oil and herbs on it! She had some of my Uncle Joel and Miss Amy's chili at our cabin over memorial day and LOVED it! It had a lot of spices, beans and meat in it, and she gobbled it right up. She's also eating green smoothies, freshly-squeezed veggie and fruit juice from our juicer, and as you saw in my last blog post, Linna had her first taste of ice cream on LIVE TV:) We're really trying to limit or keep Linna from eating junk food at this age, because A. there's no need for it, and B. she's going to have lots of treats when she gets older. I know people have so many different opinions about giving kids sweets. Yes, I know sweets won't kill her, but if she's not even "asking" for sweets and junk food now, why would we introduce her to it? As Linna gets older and becomes more curious about the things her mom and dad are putting into their mouths, it's really made us more cautious about our food choices. We just want to keep Linna eating healthy foods for as long as we can, and all we ask is that other people respect our parenting choices:) This is something I never understood until I had my own baby.

Hanging out with MeMaw at Auntie Paige's graduation party.

I'm still pumping and bottle feeding, so Linna hasn't had to have any formula. My plan is to feed her breast milk until she is a year. It's been a challenge, but I'm so glad I will hopefully reach my goal. AJ and I are going to Chicago for five days at the end of July without Linna, so I think I'm going to wean myself off pumping before the trip. I have enough of my breast milk stored (frozen) to get her to a year, if I stop pumping before we go to July. Right now, I am REALLY looking forward to having my bubbies back, but I do wonder if I will be emotional about stopping breast feeding. We shall see!

Linna still isn't pulling herself up onto things, but she will take steps if you hold her hands. Just today though, she started starring down (or up) the stairs (yikes)! She loves standing up on things, but just isn't ready to pull herself up, unless she's holding onto our hands. It's amazing how anxious I was about getting Linna to crawl, but now that she's on the move, I'm missing her days of immobility!

Here we go...

Linna's hair is getting so long, and she babbles ALL the time! I would love to know what she's actually trying to say:) She gets SO excited to see her grandparents, especially her Grandpa Specken and Grandpa Saigh! She literally looks like she's convulsing when she sees Grandpa Specken, and when she sees Grandpa Saigh (AKA PeePaw), she stares in awe of his mustache.

This little bug is growing up MUCH too fast! Slow down Linna. Mama wants to keep you little forever;)

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