Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We got a pool.

Well, we got a pool in OUR price-range anyway. This little blow-up pool is the best $5 Target purchase I've made this summer so far! It's so small, but big enough for Linna to hang out in during the hot, muggy, summer days we've been having. She loves splashing around in the water, throwing rocks in it, or just sitting in there for a cool soak. The best time for pool-time play is after her meals, since she's always covered in food. She's naked in these photos because... well, why not?! Babies love to be naked, and what better place to have them to a naked poop or pee, than outside! I blurred out "private parts" because although I love a naked baby, I know not everyone thinks it's "appropriate". I took a few "tushie" photos too, but we'll save those for Linna's baby book;)

This Minnesota mama is lovin' inexpensive, summer "poolside" entertainment!

1 comment:

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