Monday, June 11, 2012

First taste of ice cream... on LIVE TV.

Linna and "Uncle" John Hanson hanging
out backstage before the show.
Today, I was on TWIN CITIES LIVE showcasing some custom Father's Day gift ideas, and as always Baby Linna came with me to the studio! Usually, if she's not modeling in my segments, she sits in the studio with one of TCL's fabulous interns. But today, John Hanson (co-host of TCL) decided Linna needed to hang out with us during the segment.

One of the gift ideas was custom ice cream by eCreamery, and while Elizabeth Ries (co-host of TCL) tried some of the ice cream, she decided Linna needed to try it too. Little did Elizabeth know, Linna has never had ice cream before! So Linna got to sample her first ice cream on LIVE TV:)

WATCH THE VIDEO OF THE SEGMENT (it happens toward the end of the segment - during the ice cream talk).

It's so funny that this happened because I remember all of the times I would feed other people's little babies food, not knowing that their parents hadn't introduced solids yet. Linna has been eating solids since she was about five months old, but we haven't given her any "junk" food yet. What better way to sample her first ice cream than by having one of TCL's hosts feed it to you!

In case you're wondering, I am in no way upset with Elizabeth. She (like me before having a baby of my own) had no idea that Linna hadn't tried ice cream yet:) I thought the whole thing was rather funny, and the look on Linna's face after she tried the lemon-lavendar ice cream was priceless! What other baby gets to say that they experienced one of their "firsts" on LIVE TV?! Thanks E-Ries for showing little Linna all of the delicious treats life has in store for her:)

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