Friday, June 8, 2012

Last swim class of the season.

Linna with her classmates after their last class of the season.

Miss Lorrie giving Linna her
completion certificate.
On Wednesday, Linna and I had our last swimming lesson in our spring session at FOSS. I cannot say enough good things about Foss Swim School in Chanhassen! From the staff, to the parents and kids in our class, we've had a blast over the last few months. Linna has turned into a complete "water baby", and she now loves spending time in the water at the lake and in the pool. She actually loves water poured over her head, and would probably splash around in a pool all day if we'd let her. Even bath time is a joy for Linna. This summer is going to be filled with many days at the pool and the cabin, so we're looking forward to watching her love her time in the water!

At the end of class on Wednesday, her teacher Miss Lorrie presented all the kids with a little certificate to show that we completed the class. This will go right into her scrapbook! This summer I will miss walking into the Foss door every Wednesday to all of the smiling faces of the staff, parents, and kids. We're excited to get back into classes this fall. Although we didn't graduate from Baby Backfloat 1 class, we've definitly noticed a big difference in Linna's water comfort level. Thank you Foss for a great experience!

This "after class" photo says it all. Dorrel is tired, Morgan is just being her cute
little self, and Linna is crying for her "Ba" (AKA bottle).

Drying off after class.

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