Sunday, March 31, 2013

19 months.

Little Linna is growing into a young lady right before our eyes! This month, we hit a few bumps in the road when it came to Linna's eating habits. A couple weeks ago, I seriously thought Linna was going to waste away, because there were days that she wouldn't eat anything but a single banana. Also, Mama Saigh made the mistake of letting Linna's milk sit out too long, and when Linna took a sip, she gave the cup back and said "no". I couldn't figure out why she wasn't drinking her milk... then I tasted it. SO gross! Now Linna won't drink milk. I even had to throw her Elmo cup away (the one that she drank spoiled milk out of), because every time she saw it, she thought there was bad milk in it. Poor girl! Even if she would watch me pour orange juice into the Elmo cup, she would not take a sip out of it. Woof. I feel like I tried everything to get her to drink milk again. I switched the cup, bought milk boxes (like juice boxes), etc., but she is just over milk. This weekend however, I bought some whole chocolate milk along with whole milk, and poured a little bit of the chocolate milk into a glass of the regular milk. I told her it was chocolate. She drank it. Success! Kind of.

Linna is back to eating semi-regular meals, but a mom is always going to worry when her kid doesn't eat. I know if she's hungry, she will eat, but I still worry. You should see the look on AJ's face whenever I start talking about Linna's eating. He gets so annoyed. One of Linna's favorites right now is chicken and rice, and she eats that with a veggie most nights. However, we have been struggling to get her to eat her veggies. I know I should mix it up a bit, but when I know she'll eat the chicken and rice, it's just easier. Oofta, I've totally turned into THAT mom. She's not wasting away, and she still has chunky thighs, so it's time to stop worrying, right?!

(Playing with her baby on the patio of our temporary apartment in Singapore.)

(Doing her back-float kick at the Shangri-La swimming pool in Singapore.)

Linna is also starting to put two word "sentences" together, sometimes three. Her new sayings are "I don't know", which actually sounds like "I doe-ing", and "help you", which I believe means "help me". She repeats everything, and I beam when she points to an object and can say what it is. She's learning new words every day. She also still loves to swim, and has learned a couple new "tricks" at the pools here in Singapore. AJ got her to start jumping into the pool, and she will kick her legs when she's doing a back-float. She is such a little fish, so thank goodness we're back in Singapore, where she can swim every day.

Linna and her pal Lottie. Why the serious look ladies?!

She's still doing three-hour naps, and sleeping from 7:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. She literally walks to her bed when she's tired and asks us to put her in it. She'll have an "off" day every now and then, but for the most part she is a really good sleeper. Linna loves watching Barney, Sesame Street, and her new favorites are Winnie the Pooh (she calls him "Pooh") and Mickey Mouse (she calls this "Moose").

Other than that, Linna just loves being a kid. She's constantly running around, playing with her toys, and making messes. She still drools ALL the time, her hair is getting really long (and shaggy), and she's enjoying the hot weather in Singapore. We miss everyone back home in Minnesota!

(Lovin' the Singapore life.)

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