Monday, March 25, 2013

Gmax reverse bungy at clarke quay.

Yep, they did it! I was much too chicken, but my friend Steph from the UK, and her helper Lynn, rode the Gmax Revese Bungy at Clarke Quay Saturday night. Max, Lottie, Linna, Geoff, myself and AJ got to watch it all happen too! You couldn't PAY me to go on that thing, but AJ says he will try it once his family is in Singapore, so they can go on it with him. Lynn LOVES thrill rides like this, so she didn't need any convincing, and Steph decided to take the plunge with her. Max (Steph's 2-year-old son) wasn't too thrilled about his mom being shot into the sky, and he was much happier when she was safely on the ground. The Gmax Reverse Bungy is something that draws a lot of attention at Clarke Quay, and it only took Mama Steph a couple beers to get up the courage to give it a try:) Would you try it?!

Check out the video of the big launch below...

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