Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Real pizza in singapore.

Margherita Pizza at Extra Virgin Pizza.
Since we've lived in Singapore, the one thing we really haven't been able to find is GOOD pizza. You know... the kind you'd find at a cafe in Italy. Not greasy Pizza Hut pizza, but crunchy/chewy-crust pizza, with fresh tomato sauce, and REAL mozzarella cheese. Well, as of yesterday, the Saigh ladies found what we've been looking for!

Today is the grand opening of Extra Virgin Pizza at United Square. They have another location at Asia Square, which I hadn't been to before. Linna and I grabbed lunch at this new spot, and it was worth the trip from Clarke Quay (where our temporary apartment is in Singapore). The first thing I noticed about this restaurant, is that it's extremely family-friendly, without being "kiddie". By family-friendly, I mean it's loud enough were if your kiddo has an "episode", it's really not a big deal. And by "kiddie", I mean it's not like a McDonalds. Plus, they have happy hour special, including wine, beer, and spirits for the adults. Ok, I guess I'll go;)

Just waiting in line to order her pizza.
They call lines "queues" here.

Linna and one of the servers. They are
really good with kids!

Skirt Steak Salad. Yum!

Lunching with my bug.

During our visit, Linna and I shared a Margherita Pizza and a Grilled Skirt Steak Salad. Oh, and Linna got a freshly squeezed orange juice, while I sipped on a glass of red wine. They have a great deal, where for $15, you get a Margherita Pizza and a soft drink. Trust me Minnesota friends... this is a GOOD deal for pizza in Singapore. The pizzas are a pretty good size too. Although I'm sure my husband could finish one off in no time at all! They also have a BOGO (they call them 1-for-1's here) happy hour on drinks from 5-8 p.m.

By the time Linna and I finished the salad (I ate the majority of it), I was seriously full. But not full enough to turn down the yummy-looking pizza. This pizza was seriously the kind of pizza I have been looking for in Singapore. It was SO good, but I was a good wife and took the rest home for AJ.

Mommy juice.

This family-friendly pizza joint is in a great spot too. United Square is a mall packed with stores and activities for kids and parents. It's actually known as "The Kids Learning Mall". I only wish it was closer to our new apartment. Either way, I will be taking AJ back so he can eat this delicious food HOT, instead of out of the refrigerator. Next, we have to work on getting them to deliver to the West Coast... OR, just open up a restaurant there:)

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