Monday, March 11, 2013

Surviving the first few days in singapore.

Linna, saying "goodbye" to our first home in Minnetonka.

Well, the good news is we that we have made it safely to Singapore. We're healthy, and we have a roof over our head. The bad news is that Linna is still getting over her jet-lag, our temporary apartment MIGHT be suitable for a single person, and we still haven't found a permanent apartment.

However, I can't complain. We are back with good friends, Papa Saigh has a great job, and we're out of Minnesota's endless winter.

Some updates:

The Flight: Linna did GREAT on the flight over here. She seriously didn't cry once on the way from Minneapolis to Tokyo, but she had a couple cries on the way from Tokyo to Singapore. She slept every couple hours for an hour or so on the plane, and although I had a sleep "plan" in my head for her... it didn't really work out. We left Minneapolis around 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, and arrived in Singapore at 1:30 a.m. on Thursday. Nineteen hours on a plane is so NOT my idea of a good time, but it's worth it once we're here.

The Legg & Saigh kids together again. (Max & Lottie
are from the UK).
So happy to be back in the pool.
Apartment Search: We are currently living in an extended stay hotel/apartment that is SO small. We will be moving to a bigger unit on Saturday, so we're currently trying to stay out of this apartment as often as possible. We're in Clarke Quay, which is a great location, and we have an awesome view, but I think all three of us are growing more and more frustrated with the lack of space. Our one bathroom has the toilet in the shower (SO gross), and the door to the bedroom is glass, so we are whispering a lot. During our apartment search, we have come across a lot of apartments in our price-range, but all have had features that we're not willing to compromise on (small pool, old appliances, bad location, etc.). So, the condo we stayed in the last time we were in Singapore (The Caribbean at Keppel Bay), is looking more promising every day. All of our friends live there, it's close to Papa Saigh's work, the pool is amazing, and Linna and I simply enjoy our daily routine there. However, living at the Caribbean will put us over budget (it is SO expensive to live there), so we won't be saving as much money as we had hoped to. There's a lot of decisions that still need to be made, but we only have about three weeks left to do so. Wish us luck!

Linna's New "Word": All of the elevator (or "lifts" as they call them in Singapore) doors, and MRT (subway/train) doors in Singapore, make a "ding dong" sound when they close. So every time we get into an elevator, or step onto the train, Linna says "dong dong". It's so funny!

Jet-lagged Linna taking up Mama and Papa's bed.
Lottie & Linna Reunited: Linna has been reunited with her "bestie" Lottie from the UK. We became very close with the Legg family (Geoff, Steph, Max, and Lottie), as we lived just a short distance from each other's apartments, and our little ladies became playmates. Although the reunion came with sad tears (it was close to nap time), and an act of "theft" on my daughter's part (Linna wanted Lottie's Ernie doll all to herself), it's so fun to see the two girls together. AND, they're both walking now!

Linna's Jet Lag: We're on day four or five of being in Singapore (I don't even know what day it is... I'm so tired), and Linna is getting closer and closer to being back on Singapore time. Singapore is 13 hours ahead of Minnesota time, so we're on a completely opposite schedule than when we arrived. Linna would only sleep in our bed with one of us at first, but after a little patience, tears, screaming, fights (and a little puke - yikes!), Linna is FINALLY sleeping in her crib. Last night she went to bed at 7:30 p.m., after we gave her Melatonin, and she was up at 4:30 a.m. We brought her into bed with us, but after a half hour of her bouncing around, Linna and I were up for the day while Papa Saigh got some rest before work in the morning. Last time we were in Singapore, it took Linna two weeks to get over her jet lag, so I'm hoping we can get over it in one week this time around.

Bathroom at our temporary apartment.
Notice that the toilet is in the shower, and
they share the same floor.
Papa Saigh's Work: Papa Saigh started work today (Monday), after having a few days to get situated, and so far so good! We are so proud of him.

Minnesota House Update: We accepted a buyer's offer on our home in Minnetonka as we were sitting on the plane, getting ready to take off for Singapore (talk about working out the final details up to the last minute). It was an offer that was worth us leaving our home for. Now, we're just waiting on the closing. I guess this means we're... homeless?!

Singapore Sue: Last time we were in Singapore, a little frog named Singapore Sam came along. This time around, Singapore Sam is staying with Mrs. Johnson's first-graders in Worthington, MN, and a new friend (Singapore Sue) is joining us. Stay tuned for Singapore Sue's adventures!

Although we're currently living out of our suitcases, and I forgot to pack a decent pair of walking shoes, AND underwear (who ships all of their underwear in a FedEx box, w/o putting any in the suitcase?! - ME!), we are alive and feeling lucky to be here.

Here's to our life as expats for the next two years...

Miss you, Minnesota!

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