Thursday, April 11, 2013

Drilling... loud, f-ing drilling.

Make it stop mom!
I now understand why people drink during the day. As I write this, my 20-month-old is listening to Barney at the loudest possible level on the television, as we have workers drilling, hammering, pounding, etc. in our building. This isn't regular on-and-off drilling. This is CONSTANT, vibrating, LOUD drilling, that sounds like it's coming through our walls. My nerves are seriously shot, and I can't even hear myself think. This drilling makes me want to rip my hair out, then walk over to the workers and scream in their faces! My kid can't nap, as she probably feels like monsters are coming through her bedroom walls and ceiling. And just as we think they may have possibly stopped drilling... the hammering begins. It's enough to drive a person crazy!!!

Yes, I understand that if the workers don't work, the work does not get done. And yes, I understand that the world does not revolve my child's nap schedule. I GET IT. But seriously. These workers have to take a lunch break right?! And if they do, why can't they all go together and give us ONE HOUR of QUIET?! I have complained to management, and I was told the drillers take a lunch break from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.


My kid has been woken up two days in a row now from her nap because of the drilling. A half-hour nap doesn't cut it. Not for Linna, and definitely not for me. I've also been told that the work shouldn't take more than a month.

A month?! Seriously?!

(Please excuse the fact that our TV is on the floor. We just moved in and some furniture hasn't arrived.)

If I have to deal with this noise for a month, I WILL start drinking at noon, I may become a chain-smoker, and the world may run out of sedatives because I have taken them ALL.

I'm slowly losing it.

End mom rant.

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