Monday, April 22, 2013

Look mom, no wings.

Since she was 13 months old, Linna has been able to swim on her own, with the assistance of water-wings/armbands of course. We put her in swimming lessons at FOSS Swim School in Chanhassen, MN when she was seven months old, and she learned how to swim with armbands before she learned to walk. We've tried letting her swim without the armbands before, but at 20 months old she obviously can't swim without some kind of assistance. This morning, I decided to take Linna's armbands off, and put her in a Splash About FloatSuit to see if she would be able to figure it out. We put her in the FloatSuit before when she was around 14 months, but she wasn't strong enough to figure out how to keep her feet under water and her head out of the water. Today, Linna has almost completely mastered the art of swimming without her armbands, with the assistance of her FloatSuit. I took a couple of the removable "floaters" (adjustable buoyancy system) from the suit, and after a few tries, she was good to go!

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