Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter weekend at singapore's shangri-la hotel.

AJ, Linna and I in the pool at the Shangri-La Singapore over Easter weekend.

We're usually with our families on Easter, but this year is a little different, as we're in Singapore for the next two years. We obviously can't be back in Minnesota for every holiday, and although I would have loved to have been surrounded by family over Easter weekend, it's tough to beat a weekend at the gorgeous Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore!

Linna loved our BIG bed.

Shangri-La Singapore's Splash Pad.

Fresh fruit daily after our rooms were cleaned by the staff.

For the past few weeks, we lived in a tiny temporary apartment in Clarke Quay, before we moved into our new place on the West Coast. In order to keep us all from going stir-crazy in our 350 sq. ft. space, we decided to take a weekend "stay-cation" here in Singapore. We booked a room in the Shangri-La's newly renovated Garden Wing for two nights, where we could enjoy the pool (something we did't have at the temporary apartment), good food, and a little "family of three" time. From the moment we walked the Shangri-La's red carpet, and into the unbelievable foyer, we knew we picked the right place! The air inside the Shangri-La smelled so clean, sweet, and spring-like. I couldn't get enough of the scent, and I later found out it was actually the Shangri-La's signature scent called the "Essence of Shangri-La". I wonder if they bottle this scent for the public to purchase???

Linna checking out and saying "hi" to the koi.

Huge, gorgeous, fresh floral arrangements all over the hotel.

When we checked into the hotel, the staff greeted us with fresh flowers. Our room was very spacious, and there was plenty of room to set up Linna's portable crib, which the hotel actually set up for us. We had a balcony overlooking the gorgeous pool too! We felt so "fancy":) AJ and I (and Linna too) could not get enough of our big soft bed. After sleeping on a pretty uncomfortable and small bed at our temporary apartment, this was a much-needed treat. We spent so much time in the hotel's pool, and Linna even learned a new pool "trick" during our stay. She can now jump off the side of the pool all by herself! Being the little fish that she is, she loved the big pool, as well as the baby pool and children's play area (they have a great splash pad type thing for the kids). Every time we would walk down to the pool from our room, Linna had to stop to see the koi swimming around in this beautiful oasis, that includes a waterfall! She would have jumped in to swim with the koi if we would have let her.

Linna and Papa.

Our little fish.

On Easter Sunday, we took Linna to the Shangri-La's Easter Sunday Brunch Buffet at The Line restaurant, as well as the Easter Egg Hunt afterwards. I cannot say enough about this brunch! Our jaws must have been on the floor the entire time we were there, because it was incredible. Pictures don't do this buffet any justice. The food options went on and on and on. They literally had every type of food you could ever imagine: Indian, Chinese, salad bar, sushi, SO much seafood including oysters and crab, plenty of meat options, ice cream, chocolate fountain, fresh fruit, satay, deserts... the list seriously goes on and on. The entire buffet was spread throughout the entire restaurant, and it was like something you'd see in the movies, or in your biggest food fantasy. The food looked artificial, it was so perfectly presented! All of the children's eyes were SO big when they saw the ice cream area, deserts, and chocolate fountain. Linna tried a variety of new foods at the brunch, but her favorite was anything dipped in the chocolate from the fountain (of course). The hotel also sent a handmade chocolate bunny to our room for Linna on Easter morning! If you're in Singapore and you want a taste of one of the best Sunday brunches the city has to offer, make a reservation at the Shangri-La.

Easter Brunch at Shangri-La Singapore.

What chocolate?!

The Shangri-La is known as one of, if not THE best hotel in Singapore. It's not an inexpensive place to stay, but you truly get what you pay for. As a part of our room package, we had a complimentary breakfast buffet every morning at the Waterfall Cafe, as well as a complimentary evening cocktails from 5-7 p.m. in the Garden Wing Lounge. The breakfast included freshly squeezed juices, coffee, pastries, fruits, yogurts, meats, eggs, and you could order off their set breakfast menu as well. We walked away incredibly full after each breakfast, and we weren't ready to eat again until dinner time. The complimentary evening cocktails included "snacks", but the snacks were delicious enough to serve as our dinner. They are smaller portions, but they have plenty of options, and you can always go back for more. Also, the complimentary cocktails were GOOD drinks, such as mojitos, martinis, beer, wine, cosmos, etc. They even have the famous Singapore Sling on the complimentary list of beverages. Between the food, service, amenities, and location of the Shangri-La, you really do get what you pay for! Besides eating pizza and some fries (and a couple cocktails) by the pool, we really didn't spend any money on food.

Linna finding an egg during the Easter Egg Hunt.

As with all the "larger than life" characters she meets, the meeting
with the Easter Bunny did not go well.

Easter Egg Hunt at the Shangri-La. It was SO hot outside!

It was such a drag going back to our temporary apartment, after spending a relaxing and fun weekend at the Shangri-La. This is a very family-friendly hotel, without being too "kiddie". The service was spectacular, and the staff knew the three of us (including Linna's sleep schedule) very well after the first couple visits we had from them at our room and around the hotel. We have friends here in Singapore, who have their parents stay at the Shangri-La when they come to visit, because it's a very central location, and the perfect place for everyone to hang out during the day. I completely understand why families want to stay there. As we travel around Asia over our next couple years in Singapore, we will definitely be looking at staying at Shangri-La's Hotels. The Singapore Saighs had the prefect Easter weekend "stay-cation", even though we were thousands of miles away from our families.

We hope everyone had a great Easter!

Linna sitting in a "big girl" chair during breakfast.

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