Monday, April 15, 2013

Shake your tail feathers.

Pretty, isn't he?!
Linna, remember that one time your mom let you watch two peacocks have sex, when you were a 20-month-old?!


PLEASE tell me there is another idiotic parent out there who did NOT know what a "courting" male peacock looked like.


Yesterday after Linna and I had brunch at a hotel on Sentosa, I saw a peacock with its gorgeous feathers sprawled out. So naturally, having never seen a peacock with its feathers up like this before, I raced over to see it with Linna. We both watched as this peacock shook/vibrated its tail feathers at another peacock. We took photos, captured some video, and I kept repeating (out loud) "Oh Linna, isn't that pretty?!", as we watched the two peacocks "communicate". Another spectator stood along side me and asked one of the hotel workers near us what was going on. I overheard the worker say something to the man in broken English, followed up with "... the sex".

The sex?!

That's right, the hotel worker was explaining to the man that the peacocks were getting ready to have sex.

Awesome. I just let my one-year-old witness her first mating ritual. Thank goodness she didn't realize what was going on, because AJ and I are not prepared to explain the "birds and the bees" until Linna is at LEAST 34-years-old;)

Well, Linna took her first steps in Singapore, so why not add "watched her first animal mating-ritual" to the list?!

Oh to be a naive American in Singapore! At least we captured this "first" on video, right?!

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