Thursday, April 18, 2013

Linna rides a scooter.

Linna riding the scooter with her bestie Lottie (assisted
by their helper Lin, of course).

Living in Singapore, I've learned that it's pretty much required for every family to own a scooter. Well, not really, but almost every kid in Singapore has a scooter, and when the parents see how much fun they are and how easy scooters make getting from point A to point B, the parents end up getting an adult-size scooter for themselves. Our German friends at our condo bought one for their three-year-old son Marc, so naturally we decided to let Linna try it out. Marc's scooter has three wheels and a pull-rope to make it easier for the little ones to learn how to scoot. I think Linna's getting the hang of it, minus her fall at the end. Oops. Time to look into getting a scooter for Linna!

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