Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A very kid-friendly sunday brunch in singapore.

While AJ was traveling for work in Bangkok last week, Linna and I decided to check out the pretty well-known Sunday Brunch at Melt - The World Cafe, which is at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Singapore. This place is amazing. Not only do they have a pretty spectacular spread of food options, but they have a completely separate room just for the kiddos!

Linna in Melt's Children's Room - AKA, her heaven.

I was on my own all week with Linna, so after seven full days and nights of housework, entertaining Linna, grocery shopping, all while trying to get my own work done (yes people, I do work), I needed a bit of a break. The Sunday Brunch at Melt runs from 12-3pm, so naturally we were there at 11:45 a.m. I brought Linna into the children's room, and she didn't want to leave! There was so much for kids of all ages to play with, including movies on a big screen, puzzles, toys, games, food, and the best children's supervisor I've met in a long time (her name was Angela). After a few minutes of letting Linna explore the room and play a bit, I somehow got her to come sit down in the main dining room with me to have some lunch.

In the middle of saying "OH I love it!".

Couldn't be happier.

Indian - Mama Saigh's fav.

The food was outstanding, and they had endless options of all my favorites. There was Indian food with delicious curries, Naan, etc., seafood, grilled meats that AJ would have drooled over, fresh fruits and juices, cheeses from all over the world, crazy beautiful deserts, pasta that was made-to-order, and even some comfort foods like shepherd's pie (made me miss Minnesota). That's just naming a few! Linna of course made her way to the chocolate fountain, so she had something to dip her fresh fruit into. I think she drank about three big glasses of freshly-squeezed orange juice too!

After we ate and chatted for a few minutes (love the conversations you can have with a two-year-old), she wanted to get back to playing with a few of the other children in the kid's room. She could have cared less if I was there or not, because she was having so much fun with Angela and the other children. When I went in to check on Linna (every 20 minutes or so because I had to remind her about going potty - but they would have come to get me if she happened to cry or something), Angela said Linna had eaten two full plates of popcorn! Another time I went in there, Angela was introducing Linna and the other kids to some cotton candy from the cotton candy machine. Obviously, Linna was having the time of her life! I'd say this was a win-win situation for Mama Saigh, and Linna.

This brunch was incredibly relaxing, filling, and I didn't even indulge in the free-flow champagne option. I guess we'll have to leave that one for when we bring AJ to Melt, so he can experience first-hand the Sunday brunch I continue to rave about:) Melt's Sunday Brunch at the Mandarin Oriental in Singapore is definitely in my top five family-friendly Sunday brunches that we've experienced so far in Singapore. The staff was incredibly accommodating, and all the servers were great with Linna. It's such a nice restaurant, but I never felt "out of place" having my two-year-old daughter with me (as I have felt in other upscale restaurants in Singapore). If you go, prepare to be "WOWed"!

Melt - The World Cafe
Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Singapore
+65 6885 3500

Tired Linna, and a very full Mama Saigh on our way back home
for a rest. We'll see you again soon Melt (with Papa Saigh)!

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