Saturday, October 26, 2013

Singapore philatelic museum.

Who says a museum of postage stamps has to be boring?! I had to check out the Singapore Philatelic Museum to write an article for work, so I brought Linna along to "review" the children's rooms for me, and we both had a lot of fun! This museum has a good amount of things for kids to do, and most of it is hands-on learning. Admission is S$6 for adults and S$4 for kids age 3-12, so it's also pretty affordable. Oh, and the Central Fire Station is right next door, and they have a FREE open house every Saturday morning, where kids can get on fire trucks, and meet Singapore's fire fighters! Check out pics from our adventure at the Singapore Philatelic museum in Clarke Quay...

Pushing buttons and learning where different things
grow all over Singapore.

Crawling through a snake's body.

Lots of hands-on learning here, and they switch the theme of
some of the rooms every year!

ET phone home;)

Big Snakes and Ladders game.

Found out that Linna is about 87 centimeters tall.
Her ponytail makes her 90cms. :)

We're on a stamp!

Our guide showing Linna how to be a snake charmer.


She had to sit on this motorcycle.

This was a big hit. Lots of little doors to open with a piece of
history inside each one!

It's the year of the snake, so this Children's room was all about snakes!

Discovering spices in this room that was set up like a ship.

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