Thursday, October 31, 2013

Miniwalker tandem umbrella stroller review.

No that's not Papa Saigh with me
and Linna... It's Dominic of Mgroup
in Singapore, personally delivering our
MiniWalker Tandem Umbrella Stroller!
We have been using the MiniWalker Tandem Umbrella Stroller in Singapore for about six months, and even having just one child (so far), we're pretty big fans! It's 10.5 kg. with accessories (9 kg. without), which is pretty light for a double stroller. It's very easy to collapse and set up, and I love that it can stand upright with no problems. The stadium seating is great, as it's never easy pushing around a big side-by-side double stroller, and we love that this stroller comes with a rain shield, cute bag for extra storage that attaches to the outside of the stroller, extra seat cushions, and cup holder (every mom needs one). One thing to be careful of though, is how your children's little feet treat the foot rest in the back seat, as it can't take a lot of "abuse". However, after using our MiniWalker for six months with one child, our stroller almost looks as good as the day we got it!

SPECIAL DEAL FOR MINNESOTA BABY FRIENDS: If you purchase the MiniWalker Tandem Umbrella Stroller, and mention my name (Melissa Saigh) or our blog (Minnesota Baby), you will get $20 off the total cost, as well as free delivery!

MiniWalker Tandem Umbrella Stroller

Retail Price: $399
+65 9385 2018


  1. We want the cutest clothes, the best diapers, and the safest wheels to roll them in (aka the stroller). So then we dish up all the money to get them the best stroller that mom and dad tested and read over and over all the reviews, only for it to break down on us 2 years down the line the (brake isn't working, the wheels are flat). baby doll stroller

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  3. this is really such a great list/giveaway. too bad i will not be expecting anytime soon! so well thought out!